Monday, May 18, 2009

Le wonderful weekend

Despite temperatures in the triple digits, I had a FAB weekend! Friday while Jerad was at work, I put on some Bluegrass and whipped (or attempted) my house into shape. Having my 13 year old sister living with us all week was messier than our 3 dogs. After a little bit of cleaning, I got all dolled up, put on a cute top, earrings, lipstick and some foot ware that didn't consist of Uggs or flip flops. For me, that was huge!

I went downtown and walked through a few Antique and Vintage stores. Heaven. I found an adorable vintage quilt that I was planning on making our new picnic/beach blanket, but when I brought it home later it matched our living room so perfectly it now resides on the back of our couch. After antiquing a bit, I walked over to the theater and got my geek on:

I also got popcorn AND a diet coke. Rare treats. After the movie I picked up Addy from school and we made dinner and worked on crafts. I made some flowered headbands, and she made a necklace. Jerad worked a double shift and didn't get off until after 11pm to fund my frivolousness.

Saturday Jerad was working and Addy had a b-day party so I puttered around the house.

When Jerad got off work, he scooped me up and took me out to dinner. He told me I could choose ANY restaurant I wanted. I chose Chili's. Who am I lately? We NEVER eat out, and I pick something like that. It just came out. Anyways, we printed out all of the menu's nutritional info before hand and had fun trying to come up with a dinners that were under 2500 calories. Soo hard! I had the guiltless cedar plank tilapia (199 calories), seasonal veggies, 60 calories, and kettle black beans. Jerad had the half rack of baby back ribs (something like 400 cals), spicy lime shrimp 130 cals, and seasonal veggies, 60 cals.

We were looking at the dessert menu when I mentioned that really what sounded good was Foster Freeze ice cream. So, we drove all the way to Morro Bay at 8:30 at night for soft serve ice cream. We drove over and parked by Morro Rock and talked and ate our ice cream and had a lovey old time, then drove home. It was a nice surprise for a Saturday night.

We are normally the couple that goes our own ways or divides and conqueres in social situations and people always remark "oh, they're dating?" not the couple that takes moonlight ice cream walks on the beaches. Especially sans our dogs. That was soooo 3 years ago in our relationship. It was a fun change.

SundayI woke up craving In n Out. Random, we go there maybe once every 2 months? I kept mentioning it to Jerad. He went to the Paso Gun Show with a friend then we went and picked up my parents from the airport. I ditched that party in favor of my lsm Beth. My lover Beth who texted me out of the blue asking if I wanted anything from In n Out. Mmmmm. We went to a "designer inspired" purse party where I scored 2 new purses that I am in love with. My sister Melinda met us there and we all decided on some Fro Yo. It was really depressing watching Beth navigate the millions of topping in search of "sugar free" but she managed. When I got home I took a 2 hour nap. Love. Jerad worked on sewing cloth napkins for Tina's wedding and didn't bother to wake me up because he was so happy to have total control of the remote control. He watched some car/nascar/race/something or another *yawn.*

Since we had cheated so much by eating out all weekend, we had Subway for dinner too. But seriously, when its over 90-100 outside, its hard to motivate yourself to turn on the over or stove top right? Somehow even with all that deccadent food, I lost 1.2 pounds. Just over the weekend. I think it was all sweat. Gross.

Movies, shopping, food, purses, girls, FroYo naps. Life is good.


Beth McDermott said...

...i love when i get shout outs in your blogs...

Jillian & Marlon said...

Isn't there a Foster Freeze in Paso? Or are they gone too, like every other good place ; )

Steph said...

I think thereis/was one in Paso, but we heart the one in Morro Bay the most:)

prashant said...

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