Wednesday, May 13, 2009


2 weeks since my last post? How un-me. We have been soo busy, and I don't want to blog about things without sharing the photos. And that would mean uploading them. And that would mean taking time away from the 5-6 hours of sleep I have been getting per night.

In the last couple of week we have gone to a few weddings, visited friends in San Fransisco, Yosemite, gone to Hearst Castle, had my littlest sister staying with us (my parents are in Hawaii), tried new recipes, gotten hair cuts, finished all of our garden beds and have been tending them every day, and are working on sewing 50 napkins for my best friend's wedding. Jerad has also been working a side job and frequently getting home at 2am, and this weekend is working overtime at his regular job so I'll be entertaining my bad self. Until I get some pictures up and some sleep here's a story you probably don't want to hear:


Monday night Jerad came home after work, ate a quick dinner, and went to work at the side job that's been making him fall asleep during the day keeping him busy nights. Since my parents are in Hawaii, Addy stayed last week with my sister Melinda, and this week with us. While she was working on her homework, I went outside to love on water my garden. The dogs were going batshit crazy. We have been gone so much, and Jerad has been working so much, they have not been getting their exercise fill. I could tell some fetch wasn't going to hold them over anymore.

By now it was 8:30 at night. I went in the house and told Addy to load up because we were taking the dogs on a run. We all got in the car to go out to our favorite spot in Peachy Canyon. The dogs were STOKED. It was dark. It was windy. I drove down the 2 mile dirt road, kicked them out of the car, and drove away. They all ran behind the car at about 20 miles an hour for a mile and got niiiiice and worn out. Then Bailey decided to run off the road so Buddy had to follow her. Because that's how they roll. I slowed down a bit figuring they'd pop back up as usual. Nope.

It was so windy I think they lost the car and couldn't hear us call. Or went off after a deer, who knows. We found Bailey, but no Buddy. We loaded up Bailey and Wyatt and drove back and forth and back and forth calling Buddy, NOTHING. I decided to drive over to Jerad's friend Paul's house since the dog's spend a lot of time there figuring that maybe Buddy would head over there. It was 9:30 or so. Paul wasn't home. I called Jerad and told him I lost the dog. I wasn't really worried, more annoyed.

Paul showed up and I told him what was going on and he offered to go look for Buddy. I said I'd go with him. His daughter and Addy went in the house and I left my dogs in the car. We drove up the road and there was Buddy up in the distance, back on the road basically where I had lost him. He briefly paused when he saw Paul's headlights but when he saw it wasn't my car he kept trotting the other direction. Paul stuck his head out the window and called him and Buddy turned and looked at him and kept on truckin. As soon as I called him he turned around and started wagging like crazy and barreling towards the truck. Awe, melt my lil heart! He was so tired by then he was not feeling like attempting to jump into Paul's raised truck bed so he made Paul life him. All 80 pounds. Nice.

When we got back to the house, I visited a few minutes, said thank you, and went to get in my car. My car that mysteriously had the emergency flashers on? My car that the dogs had locked me out of. With the windows up. My ONLY set of keys were inside. Luckily I had left one window cracked ever-so-slightly and Paul came to the rescue. Jerad showed up about that time, worried about Buddy. He had been trying to get a hold of me but my phone was locked in with Buddy. They were about to locate one wire hanger, and 30 minutes later we were on the way home. Stupid dogs:)

By the time we were done combing out the fox tails, and vacuuming up the hair we got to bed around midnight. So much for my quick trip.

Tuesday Wyatt did NOT want to stay outside so we left him in his kennel in the house. When we got home to let him out of his box, a strange smell wafted through the laundry room. He had some sort of explosive poo situation. Jerad walked in before me and told me to not even come in. He cleaned up everything. Like always. I sat in our room and listened to him talking to Wyatt and saying things like "poor pup, you don't feel good? did you have a poopccident?" and all sorts of cute things in his "dog voice." He wasn't mad or upset about coming home to something so gross AT ALL. That is something I love about him.

I have a bad gag reflex. BAD. If he's gone and I have to, I can deal with dog/cat vomit/poo issues cause they're mah baybees and if they need something, I can do it. Otherwise the unwritten rule is Jerad does those things and I do anything medical related UNLESS it has to do with eyes. Like when Bailey had an eye infection and had to have cream rubbed in her eyeball twice a day... ewe ewe ewe.

It just warms my lil heart that he loves our pets enough that he feels bad that they are sick so he is HAPPY to do yuck factor things for them. Wyatt seems to be fine now btw. Every one of our 3 cats and 3 dags has had one accident like that except for Tobee. Good old Tobee. The funniest was when Winston the cat ate all the chilies off of my window chili plant. Ya, that one caused some stomach upset!

After the dog mess was dealt with we had dinner, and Jerad finished cutting the fabric for the cloth napkins for Tina's wedding. I had a fever and fell asleep about 7:30 on the couch for about 2 hours. I was also in a terrible mood. No idea why. I'm usually pretty chipper, but I was just GRUMPY! Usually at night we try to catch up on our days and just talk. Instead I told Jerad I didn't feel well and just felt like chewing him out for no reason so I just was going to turn on the tv and not talk for a few hours and see if it passed. It did and today I woke up a happy monster again:)

I'll try to stop talking blogcations and have something better than poop to talk to you about soon.

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liz oelker said...

i was looking through my list of blogs and realized I hadn't checked yours in a while (stupid school) and i'm thinking that I'm gonna have like 20 posts to check..and there was one lol. isn't life wonderful when you have hardly any time. oh well. your dogs are just too silly. always something but at least they're cute and how cute is jerad! miss you guys!