Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend warriors

Why is it that the only posts I can manage to muster these days are weekend updates? To be fair I always have 3 days weekends, so technically thats already almost 1/2 of the week...

This 4 day weekend thing really messed me up. How is it Wednesday already? Anyways, I'll take it! Saying we had a busy weekend would be an understatement. Thursday night our friends Tina and Tom came down and stayed with us to finalize some wedding details for their wedding that is 2 weeks away.

Tina and I got up bright and early and met Beth in Atascadero for a 6am Spin class Friday morning. Holy. Crap. I had never done Spinning before. I knew Beth hated it, and that it was a really hard work out... but I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. For the rest of the weekend I wished I had a donut to sit on because my butt hurt so bad. After the class we went to Beth's house and had some coffee before Tina had to go to pre-marital counciling. Ahh the fun.

I went back to Beth's a few hours later and we washed our cars together. I NEVER wash my car. The dealer always does it for me for free when I get my oil changed. Beth whipped out all of these amazing car washing products and had all these tips... after an hour and a half of cleaning, my car still had dog hair and dust in it and spots on the outside. Next time I am paying someone. After her car was clean and mine was clean(er), we loaded up her kids and a few of the neighbor kids and headed to Trader Joe's and went grocery shopping. Because we are both domestic and brave like that.

Since one workout wasn't enough, us girls decided to go to a "Groove" class at the gym that evening while Jerad and Tom played Basketball. Beth and Tina did a pretty good job keeping up with the dance moves and I got repeatedly kicked by the not so nice girl beside me. That night Beth and Ty, Tina and Tom, and Jerad and me had a bbq with waaaay too much yummy food just to make sure we weren't getting too healthy.

Saturday Tina and I took an afternoon Cynergy class which is basically a mix of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Then we ran wedding errands and got dresses for the Reception. Jerad spent most of the day working overtime trying to get a project at work done, but he got off in time to hang out with us and Tina's brother. And the pizza. That night Jerad and I took our poor lonely dogs to the beach. At 10 pm. In my clean car. They had so much fun. It was pitch black and we could barely make them out, but they tore around for 45 minutes or so until they were nice and worn out and wet and covered in sand. We drove back home the long way, Santa Rita Rd. We saw about 10 deer. It was maybe the best night of the dog's lives. The next morning it looked like we had cut open a bag of sand in the back seat, and then sheared a few sheep. Jerad was nice enough to re-wash the car (without being asked!)

After T&T went home, Jerad met his bromance Tyson in SLO and they went flying.

I'll eventually post some pics of that, in the meantime Beth wrote about it here. In the evening we went to Atascadero Lake and rented a Paddle Boat.

I think the paddle boat was more of a workout than the spin bike. We had fun trolling around chasing the ducks though and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

Monday Jerad worked a side job and I stayed home and cleaned, and washed towels, and changed sheets and did all the things you do after having company. After I got bored of that, I decided to paint the kitchen. I had bought paint a week or so ago and it was calling my name. About 15 minutes into the painting I realized I should have waited for Jerad because all the cutting in around the windows, cabinets, counters, and million outlets was a LOT of work... but it was too late. It came out pretty good!

Tuesday Jerad tried out Spinning with me after work and liked it (well, thought it was a hard enough workout) enough that we are going to go again today. Our goal is to start going to the 5:45 classes before work starting next week, we'll see if that happens:)


Beth McDermott said...

spin freak. ew.

ps- did you know my dad built that gazebo you took a picture of? theres a plack with his name on it next to it. pss- if you ever go paddle boating without us again... i hope you sit in goose poo.

Steph said...

I didn't know that!!! Too bad your dad doesn't get a cut from all the wedding that use it as a photo op!!! We'll call you next time about the paddle boats:)

Sheryl Cowan said...

its funny that the last two posts are side by side...can't imagine why you were so dang tired :) do you ever slow down? its fun sometimes **wink wink**

kanishk said...

theres a plack with his name on it next to it. pss- if you ever go paddle boating without us again...
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