Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleep is for the weak.

I have been more tired (I can't figure out a this moment if that is grammatically correct or not) these past few weeks than I can ever remember being. I have taken numerous afternoon naps, evening naps, after work naps, after dinner naps. I don't know who this sleepy person I've become is.

Its a good thing I've been stocking up though, because I needed it for last night. I went to bed around 11, a little later than normal. Around 11:30 I got woken up by a text message. Thanks. After drifting back off, Bailey woke me back up about 12:45 because she needed to go pee. BAILEY, the dog that will hold it for an entire 3 day camping trip. Around 2, Buddy is in a panic because ohmygoshheneedswaterthissecond. A few hours later its Wyatt.

Our dogs sleep through the night. Hello, that's WHY they're allowed to sleep in the house. Every now and then one of them will need to get up. NEVER all of them.

5:00am I get a phone call, wrong number. Fuc^er.

5:30 Tobee is scratching on the door and meowing because he decided that breakfast needed to be served 45 minutes early.

6:00am, time to take a shower and prepare for the workday. Not the best night's sleep.

Some body's wife made made banana bread at work though, so its going to be okay.


Beth McDermott said...

preparing you for motherhood.
hope you're smart and that little preview set your biological clock back another decade or so, Ha!

Steph said...

well, if I wait another decade, then all my friend's kids will be the prime age for babysitting. Good plan!

Anonymous said...

Uuuuggghhh!!! I HATE it when the dog gets off his schedule. They really are like kids that way. If anyone but me takes care of Pas for a day or two, it takes me a week to get him back in his routine.