Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diet and Exercise

Before getting pregnant I ate very healthy. LOTS of fresh vegetables and fruits that were mostly organic, a variety of fish, organic meat and dairy if I ate either one... no fruit juice, no refined sugars, very very little white flour, no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or other additives... you get the picture.

After getting pregnant I have been trying to follow the Bradley Diet (or Brewer Diet):

Every day of the week you and your baby should have:
  1. One quart (4 glasses) or more of milk. Any kind will do: whole milk, low fat, skim, buttermilk, or cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc....

  2. Two eggs, (hard boiled, in french toast, or added to other foods).

  3. One or two servings of fish or seafood, liver, chicken, lean beef, lamb, pork, beans or any kind of cheese.

  4. One or two good servings of fresh green leafy vegetables: mustard, collard, turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, or cabbage.

  5. Two or three slices of whole wheat bread, cornmeal, cornbread, or tortillas.

  6. A piece of citrus fruit or glass of juice of lemon, lime, orange, tomato, or grapefruit.

  7. Three pats of butter.

  8. Other fruits and vegetables.

Also include in your diet:
  1. A serving of whole grain cereal such as oatmeal or granola.

  2. A yellow or orange-colored fruit or vegetable five times a week.

  3. Liver once a week. (if you like it)

  4. Whole baked potato three times a week.

  5. Plenty of fluids, water, juice etc.

  6. Salt food to taste for a safe increase in blood volume.

You may substitute proteins if you wish, being sure your proteins are complete, and that you get approximately 100 grams per day, If you substitute, also be sure all the elements necessary for a well balanced diet are available every day.

You can read more about it here.

Um... do you know how hard it is for someone who doesn't really eat meat to consume 100 grams of protein a DAY? Also... I don't normally drink milk or eat butter.

I have a real issue cooking meat so Jerad has taken over the cooking. I still don't really eat a lot of meat and try to do things like make complete proteins out of beans and rice. Paige gave me the great idea of making a salami breakfast sandwich. I take a whole wheat english muffin, put salami and swiss cheese on it, toast it in the over for 3 minutes, and wha la! 25 grams of protein right off the bat. Salami is also my weakness as far as lunch meats go so it was the PERFECT solution.

I have started drinking a little more milk, but mostly substitute yogurt or cottage cheese. I also drink about 10-12 8oz glasses of water a day, and one or two cups of red raspberry leaf tea.

The hardest part of following this diet is not going overboard on calories. I fully realize that I'm not "eating for two," and only need to consume about 300 more cals. a day than I did before I was pregnant. Do you know how much 300 calories is? About an apple and 2 slices of cheese. Ya, not much. Not drinking wine regularly gave me some "free" calories to play with, and instead of ranch dressing we've been making a mixture of a few table spoons of milk and goat cheese (yes I absolutely still eat soft cheeses) with dill.

As of this morning when I weighed myself (20.5 weeks) I have gained 12.4 pounds since conceiving so I guess I'm doing alright so far. I also take this prenatal vitamin:
Which is actually 6 pills a day. You can click the nutrition facts to enlarge:

I decided on this particular vitamin because all of the ingredients are food based instead of synthetic. So, they are absorbed by the body much easier. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Also, as much as I hate taking 6 horse pills a day, I think it is much more beneficial to spread out the vitamins throughout the day instead of just getting it all in one dose. It also contains ingredients you won't find in many other prenatals: red raspberry leaf extract, alfalfa, chamomile extract, and ginger root juice.

Besides being very careful about my diet, I am also trying to work on my exercising. I had a gym membership that ended in October so since then working out hasn't been as easy. I've been walking everywhere that I can. To the bank, to the store, if I'm meeting someone downtown, on my lunch breaks. I've been walking 1-2 miles about 5 times a week. I also do yoga which really helps my aching back. I would love love love to join a prenatal yoga or pilates class, but none of the schedules work for me and I always think I'd rather spend the money on something else. Like prenatal massages:) I wish.

I've started doing squats and lunges, but what I really need to do is weights. My arm strength is just GONE after quitting the gym. Its probably good I don't have a baby right now... I might not be able to pick it up! jk.

It is really hard to work full time AND still find time to do everything. I'm glad I work, I like having the $$ to do the things we want and it keeps me busy but seriously, there are only so many hours in a day. It takes up 12 hours of the day just getting ready, getting to work, staying for my shift, then getting home. Then no matter what there is making and cleaning up dinner, cleaning, 45 minutes of hypnobabies, the dogs, talking to Jerad... its hard to find time for exercising, still having a social life, and having time to relax before bed. The weekends somehow manage to be even more hectic than work days. I am so lucky to have Jerad, he is such a help! I guess we can always sleep when we're dead right?

I think I need to start using my home organization binder again. It really streamlined our chores and having a schedule made things a lot easier. Also since I've been so forgetful it would help remind me of important things. I think I'll make that my goal for this weekend!


Hammie Fam said...

So I would barf if I ate 75% of those things. Ick. I hate all foods. Except that In and Out burger last night -delish, the salt and vinegar chips I ate for lunch today, the O's cereal I eat everyday and um... most desserts. except dark chocolate. Basically I hate food, just like I did with Addie. She grew up on Salsa Verde Dorritos and Burger King fries. What would Bradley think about that???

Sarah Griffin said...

wow, i just found that diet last night and was going to attempt it... but im not much of a milk drinker or meat eater. although i've been craving chocolate milk and baked potatoes... which i guess counts for the milk and they want you to eat the potatoes so that's good i guess. we'll see! are you guys going to take the Bradley classes?

Steph said...

Sarah, its not THAT bad. And there are a lot of little tricks. If you leave a piece of bread out the night before you can get it to soak up 5 eggs if you make french toast the next morning. Thats almost 33 grams of protein right there! I just top it with a piece of butter and some fresh berries. Yummo!
We thought about Bradley classes but decided to do the Hypnobabies classes instead. The lady that came up with the program was a Bradley instructor for 9 years and then a HypnoBirthing instructor for another 2 or 3 so its a good mix of the 2 programs but more in depth. I LOVE it, it has helped me sleep sooooo much.

Beatrice Blount said...

yikes. i'm a terrible pregnant lady. oh well, since i'm not pregnant anymore i guess i don't have to worry about it. but seriously...BAD