Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekends make the rest worth it.

We had a great weekend. Which was a good thing because the week was pretty crappy. Jerad stayed home sick Monday-Wednesday which is pretty rare for him because he usually just goes to work no matter what.

It was hard on all of us. He gets so bored being stuck on the couch so he gets antsy and grumpy. It was raining so all the dogs were cooped up inside, and I get so tired after working 10 hr shifts then had to come home, take care of everyone, feed and play with the dogs,then vacuum and mop up since the floors get dirty so fast having all the pets stuck in the living room.

Jerad kept downing goldenseal echinacea, collodial silver, B vitamins, and D3. I made lots of fresh ginger tea to help with the sore throat. He was only sick for 3 days and most of his coworkers have been getting sick for longer so I think his "treatment plan" was pretty effective.

The contractor was at our house every day mudding and floating the shower walls. Friday they started the tile, it looks amazing! I can't wait to see if they finished while I was at work today:)

Tuesday I went to a super fun cookie exchange party at my friend Kari's house. Her house is like a winter wonderland, it puts mine to shame. I made nainamo bars (technically Jerad did) and they were so scrumpteous I gave them all away before I was tempted to abandon my pregnancy weight gain goals.

Friday I walked down town and met my mom for lunch to celebrate her birthday. We ate at Panolivo and then went and saw A Christmas Carol in 3D. It was amazing. After that we went to a few baby stores so she could get an idea of the kind of things I liked. Its finally starting to feel real, like, there's going to be a baby living at our house in a few months. Craaaaazy.

Saturday Jerad and I got up early and walked downtown and had brunch together. In the rain. I've been trying to walk at least 2 miles a day.... the weather isn't making it easy on me! After brunch we checked out a few Antique stores while we waited for the rain to calm down. We spent the rest of the day doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Saturday night we went to our annual 13th St. block party. It was at our next door neighbor's house this year so we didn't have to go far. It was pouring rain, I felt so bad for all the people that were trying to enjoy Vine Street! After spending a few hours there, we went over to my parents house and watched "It's a Wonderful Life." One of my all time favorite movies. We didn't get home until almost midnight.

I have been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER now that I've started listening to my Hypnobabies tracks every night. Sometimes Jerad listens to them too, he likes the sound of the speakers voice:) I think I'm going to order the "Peaceful Sleep for All" CD.

Sunday we spent from 9am-5:30pm balancing check registers and bank statements, setting up our Dave Ramsey budget for next year, and deep cleaning the house. I was having one of those OCD days where I couldn't rest until every piece of laundry was washed and put away, and the furniture was dusted from top to bottom, and the floors and baseboards were all washed. The good news is we started off the week with a squeaky clean casa!

We had dinner at my parents. I was yawning and falling asleep at about 8pm (yeay pregnancy!) but Jerad and my dad talked about solar and compressed gas cars and who knows what else until almost 10pm. Boys. I also learned that my mom had really wanted to have a homebirth with me, but since they lived so far from the hospital no midwives would attend. So, she had a midwife attended hospital birth instead! I heart having hippie parents.

The only downer of the weekend was that my mom was planning on taking us on a 7 day cruise the end of January as a Christmas present (awesome I know), but none of the Cruise Lines she was looking at let pregnant women on board after 23 weeks. I'll be closer to 27. So.... major bummer. I think Jerad might have cried. He offered to go with my parents without me. Cause he's caring like that:)

The tentative plan is to try to go the next year. Hopefully that works out!

Today was a long/busy/drama day at work. I am more than ready to go home. Tonight Jerad is going to go workout with Beth and Tyson and I think I'm going to go home, make some pizza dough, see what veggies we have to throw on it, and take a nap while it bakes. Sounds kiiinda like heaven:)

If we can make it through this week, we have an awesome weekend planned. Saturday we are hanging out with the McDermotts and Hamiltons and going to a live nativity then having a potluck dinner, and Sunday we are going to the 2nd annual gingerbread making party at my sister's inlaw's house. Last year was a blast!

Only a few more days to get through.... I can do this, I can do this....

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