Wednesday, December 30, 2009

22 weeks

Past the halfway point! In about a week we get the big ultrasound and will hopefully find out if we're having a baby girl or boy. Not too much has changed in the last few weeks. The kicks are much stronger, more frequent, and I am bigger. All of a sudden everyone can tell I'm pregnant... and they all want to rub my belly. A few times when a STRANGER has put their hand on my stomach, I have done it right back to them. That usually gets the point across quickly.

The baby is most active right after I wake up, after I eat, after I drink, and at night when I rest. Basically it is kicking or squirming all the time. You can feel movements from the outside, but every time Jerad puts his hand on my stomach the baby stops moving. Probably because his hands are bigger and warm. My hands are always like ice so it makes the baby kick more if I put my hand where it is:) I get regular kicks to the bladder which is less than awesome.

I started waking up to pee again during the night. Oh the joys right? My back isn't so happy about this growing belly of mine. I have to do some yoga stretches every night or it really aches. I've been trying to do lots of squats to prepare those muscles too. Squats are a lot harder when all your weight is sitting on your stomach! I've been doing really well on my diet and exercising and still trying to get better at lifting weights. I try to do 10 minutes of arm exercises at night. I listen to my Hypnobabies Positive Pregnancy Affirmations while I exercise, so get to kill 2 birds with one stone there.

Last night I had a migraine that was so painful I threw up 4 times. But, I didn't pass out or loose my vision which are migraine induced symptoms I used to suffer from.

Before it sounds like I'm complaining too much, for the most part I feel really great. I have ten days off from work which has been amazing. I survived Yosemite (pics to come soon), the only difference this year was I had to take a little nap in the afternoon. This week has been great because I've been able to rest when I feel like I need to. If only they gave us a nap break at work, I'd be perfect:) Its been fun playing the housewife and having dinner ready for Jerad when he comes home, the laundry done, and all those things I could be more on top of if I didn't work as much. One day maybe....


misguided mommy said...

its not fair how cute are pregnant

also what is that black and white bag behind you it is sooo awesome

ps i asked a question on my blog, go answer it

Steph said...

thank you:) The black and white bag is my laptop case... the cheapo kind that basically fits only the laptop. I'll trade you for your new desk chair? jk. I'll go check out your blog now!