Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why Hello 2010!

How in the world is it January?!?! We had a great holiday vacation and managed to cram in all sorts of fun.

Christmas Eve I worked a half day while Jerad's mom and brother went to our house and helped Jerad get ready for our camping trip and do a few other things. They wrapped my Christmas presents, sorted out our camping stuff, made breakfast potatoes for Yosemite, and Lucy and Jerad made homemade cinnamon rolls that we could pop in the oven the next morning. I am still thinking about those cinnamon rolls over a week later! When I got home from work I "wasn't allowed in the living room yet" so I camped out in our room writing wedding gift thank-you cards... for an hour:) I should probably mail some of those right?

We watched a few Christmas movies to get in the mood, then headed out to a Christmas Eve service and got to see Jerad's dad sing in the choir. Then it was time for dinner and presents! We had tacos/taco salad and I think I'm still full. Being the clear minded person I am lately, I remembered to take no pictures of anyone opening gifts. Awesome.

Christmas morning the two of us woke up bright and early to open presents. Because I'm a child and can barely wait for daylight before hopping out of bed when Christmas is involved. I got Jerad the ipod he had been wanting, in John Deere Green of course!

He got me (well, according to the gift tags they were all from Santa or Scott Calvin) a new robe and slippers, Tommy Girl perfume.... and a Snuggie.

The Snuggie was kind of a joke, but after trying it out I seriously don't know how we ever lived without one. I am obsessed with it! "Santa" also got us a new DVD player to go with our new TV.

After presents we baked our cinnamon rolls, lit our holiday candles, and put on Christmas music. My parents and Addy came over around 10 and we did another round of gifts then made brunch. We visited awhile then Joey came over and we left with him and Addy and the pups for Yosemite... which I will blog about soon!

We got back from Yosemite Monday afternoon and I got to enjoy the best thing about camping: taking a ridiculously long shower and washing all of our filthy clothes so they stop smelling like a campfire. That night we got dressed up and Jerad took me to AJ Spurs for dinner. He had to work the next morning but I was off alllllll week. With the weekends I ended up with 10.5 days off all together.

Having so much time off was both a blessing and a curse. It was the first time since I've been pregnant that I could just relax if I wanted to. I slept in, took naps, read books, and had the time to organize closets and do other household stuff I had been putting off. I say it was also a curse because just about the time I got used to it, it was 6am Monday morning and I had to be back at work:)

For New Years we turned down all the late night parties our friends were having and opted to go to my parents house. They had fish and chips, music, and fireworks. Jerad's brother came with us and ended up leaving with my sister and Larry to go to Larry's parents house for a poker night. Jerad and I were at home and in bed by 10:15pm and watched a few episodes of Grey's before drifting off like the Old Boring's we are...

This year I didn't make any major resolutions. The last few years have been:

drink more water - I'm up to 120 oz/day!

loose weight - down 45 pounds! Well, pre-preg... only 30 now:)

stop using cleaners and personal hygiene products with chemicals and harsh preservatives -besides my Spray Away glass cleaner, check and check!

stop eating processed foods, white sugar, and white flour - we're so close on this one. At home we're good, but eating at other people's houses its hard not to cheat.

This year my big one is to start doing our Dave Ramsey budget and envelope system religiously again. We were doing so well last year, and I loved it.... then just stopped for no reason. So, I start this week. Besides that our goal is to finish all of the little household projects we have been putting off and put together a nursery BEFORE the baby gets here. Which is only 16 weeks from now. Yikes. I can't believe I've been pregnant almost 6 months.

Our big ultrasound is Thursday. Its starting to feel real now.

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