Monday, January 11, 2010


Last Friday we had our 20 week anatomy scan. At 24 weeks:) Everything looked healthy, I'm measuring right on time, and we got to find out that we're having a boy!

(side view of the head with a fist sticking up behind it and stomach)

Finding out I was expecting a boy didn't really come as a surprise since that's what both of us had a "feeling about" all along. A few of my friends have had little boys in the past year, and it seems like most of our preggo friends are expecting boys also so the little guy will have lots of friends!

Now its time to decide on a name (we were only positive about our girl name), and decorate the nursery! For the nursery I think we are doing a vintage/old time western theme.... or sparrows. I know sparrows are girlier, but I already had picked out a lot of stuff I am in LOVE with, and lets face it, the baby won't care one way or the other.

Come on, how adorable is this mobile?


lucinda! said...

i loved making these birds. i have hand sewed them and mechine sewed them... option #2 WAAAY easier!

misguided mommy said...

boy boy boy boy boy