Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yoga class was so fun! There was 13 girls, ranging from first trimester to 36 weeks pregnant. most were in the 20-28 week range. It was cute to see how different everyone's bellies were! Almost everyone was in their 20's, and except for one girl, this was everyone's first pregnancy.

Stretching felt SO NICE. I had no idea how tight I was in my stomach, shoulders and back, no wonder I'm uncomfortable. My hips are too flexible right now, I would get to the point where it was uncomfortable but they would still have stretched a lot more. I think I could do the splits if I wanted to! Anyways, I'm going to work on the tight areas, and try not to strain my hips:)

The class starts with a 30 minute discussion. During the next 5 weeks a nutritionist is going to give a little talk, a homeopathic doctor, and a Bradley instructor. We also go over various positions for labor and delivery. The actual yoga part of the class is on hour, although it felt like 2.

I've been sick so that part was kind of miserable. Not being able to breath out of my nose at all (kinda hard to do yoga breathing w/o a functioning nose), and every time I was in downward dog or another low head position my nose would drip. Sexy huh? I'm sure by next class it will be better:)

When I got home Jerad had sanded all the holes he had patched in the hallway, kitchen, and bedroom, then painted all the spots in our bedroom that needed to be covered. Dinner was also almost ready to come out of the oven, and the house was vacuumed. I kind of love my husband.

This week we are going to finish the patching and most of the painting, hang the pictures in our newly rearranged bedroom, pick out wall hangings for our "new" living room ( I switched from red accents and a Paris theme to aqua and birds), and organize all the stuff that we've been throwing into the nursery.

Then we can spend February working on the nursery! I ordered the bedding and it is on its way, and Jerad has a plan for how he wants to build the molding. I'm going to refinish the dresser that was my mom's when she was a kid, mine when I was little, and we are now passing on to our baby. I think once the room is finished it will finally set in.

Jerad really wants to build a shed in our backyard so he can still have his "own" space. We really could use it, the metal shed we have now is crap and leaks. During this last rain everything in there got soaked. We don't have a garage, and our basement is full and not good for working on projects in. BUT, building the kind of shed he wants (finished drywall, painted inside, laminate flooring, electric, windows) will be mega $$ not to mention take a lot of time. Maybe it can be a summer project, or something to look forward to NEXT year? Then again it would be nice when he plays guitar with friends for them to have somewhere to go besides our living room (aka I could have the living room back instead of banishing myself to the bedrooms), and for his tools to be more accessible. We'll see I guess.

Sometimes I feel like there is still so much time until the baby gets here... then I look at the calendar and realize that January is over and we only have 3 months left! Between finishing our Hypnobabies classes, midwife appointments, projects at home, yoga classes, doula meetings, hospital tour, breastfeeding classes, and baby showers, I'm sure its going to FLY.

We're talking about taking a little trip in the beginning of April as a "last hurrah" if we can figure out where to go. I have the biggest desire to go to legoland of all places. Probably not the most fun at 36 weeks pregnant:) We had so much fun on that brunch cruise in San Diego 2 years ago, maybe we'll do that again. I guess I should find out if there are any restrictions for preggo's. Arizona or Oregon for a few days would be fun too? Then again it would also be fun to just stay in Pismo, relax, and do some "local" touristy things. I guess it depends on how I feel in a month or 2!

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liz oelker said...

legoland is a weird desire. have you been before? if you haven't, don't waste your money. not that exciting. if you have ignore that last sentence lol