Tuesday, January 12, 2010

100 skills everyone should know

Just for fun, I came across this list of 100 skills everyone should master. I did pretty well, how about you? I'll put an asterisk before the ones I've accomplished:

*1. Set goals
*2. Keep a plant alive
*3. Care for a baby:
How to Hold a Newborn Baby
The Five Ss from The Happiest Baby on the Block will soothe most fussy babies
*4. CPR
*5. Feel confident naked
*6. Interview for a job
*7. Bake a birthday cake
*8. Use a fire extinguisher
*9. Use a compass
*10. Express condolences
*11. Tell a joke
12. Remember names
*13. Sharpen a knife
*14. Dump a poisonous friend
*15. Check your oil and tires
*16. Relax/Meditate
*17. Apologize
*18. Be polite
*19. Get a good night’s sleep
*20. Dress appropriately for the situation
*21. Type
*22. Fight fair
*23. Read
*24. Ask for exactly what you want
*25. Trap a rat or mouse
*26. Basic stretches and/or yoga poses
Yoga Sequence for the Novice (Thanks, Kelli)
*27. Heimlich
*28. Please a partner sexually
*29. Tell your partner what you want in bed
*30. Shine your shoes
*31. Make your case in writing
32. Tie a scarf or tie (bowtie too):
Scarf Tying Guide (Thanks, Louise)
*33. Jump a car
34. Mix a signature drink
*35. Delegate
*36. Make a simple meal for company
*37. Give a neckrub
*38. Drive a stick
*39. Ride a bike
*40. Swim
*41. Use chopsticks
Chopstick Etiquette (Thanks, Mindy)
*42. Make a new friend
*43. Build something simple (ie: shelf, desk, treehouse)
44. Change a tire and put on snow chains (thanks, Toni)
*45. Give a toast
46. Make a perfect egg
The Great Fried Egg Tutorial (Thanks, Tara)
*47. Speak in public:
Public Speaking Made Easy
*48. Improve your mood
*49. Simple mending (Thanks, Maureen)
*50. Travel light:
Rick Steve’s Packing Light Tips (Thanks, Sandy)
*51. Steam vegetables
*52. Negotiate
*53. Be a good listener
*54. Be alone comfortably
*55. Select good produce:
List of seasonal produce generated by state and month
Locavore App for iPhone (Thanks, Samantha)
*56. Maintain your weight:
The Steve Ward Diet
*57. Build savings:
The Wealthy Barber isan accessible book that teaches the basics of personal finance
*58. Say no/disappoint someone
*59. Use a drill
*60. Flexibility/equanimity in the face of the unexpected
*61. Make small talk
The Rich Resonance of Small Talk by Roxanne Roberts (Thanks, Pamela)
*62. Skip a rock
*63. Set personal boundaries:
The Relationship Two-Step by Martha Beck
*64. Organize your home
65. Deliver a eulogy:
How to Give a Eulogy
by Tom Chiarella
*66. Shuffle a deck of cards
*67. Dance socially
68. Know a second language
*69. Win the affection of a dog or cat
*70. Write a quality love letter
*71. Play one card game well
*72. Eat healthfully
*73. Create a budget
*74. Take a decent photo
*75. Order the wine
*76. Know what makes you happy
*77. Flirt
*78. Make a good first impression
*79. Write a thank you note:
How to Write a Thank You Note by Leslie Harpold
*80. Find a perfect gift
*81. Assertiveness
*82. Arriving on time
*83. Make a little kid laugh
*84. Kiss well
*85. Make a good mix tape
*86. Tie basic knots:
87. Dress to flatter your shape
88. Build a campfire
*89. Change the subject
*90. Acquire or shed a habit
*91. Treat a hangover:
Hangover Cures by The Morning News
*92. Be a good judge of character
*93. Season a cast-iron skillet
*94. Give a compliment
*95. Accept a compliment
*96. Contribute in group situations
*97. Judge yourself by your own yardstick
*98. Calculate the tip:
Michelle said this in comments, and it’s what I do too: Simple trick to calculating a tip. Move the decimal over one place and double that total. So, if your bill is $100.00, it would be $10.00 x2 = $20. Or if your bill is $5.23, your tip should be .52 x2= $1.04
*99. Ask for a raise (Thanks, Amber.)
*100. Build a shelter

Good reader suggestions:

*-Do a load of laundry
*-Keep your living space clean (Thanks, Megan)
*-Write legibly (Thanks, Robin)
*-Choose a good mate (Thanks, Pamela)
*-Ask for help (Thanks, Mavis)

So, according to this list I need to work on:

-Remember names (uh, never gonna happen)

-Mix a signature drink (I'm not a huge mixed drink fan and Jerad just does it better)

-Change a tire and put on snow chains (Eh, I have a husband. Better than AAA. Actually, I can change a tire, I just worry it will fall off. )

-Make a perfect egg (not ever going to happen since I hate eggs.

-Deliver a eulogy: (luckily I havent had to encounter this one yet)

-Know a second language (I'm fairly competent in Spanish. I can get my point across, but not fluent)

-Dress to flatter your shape (I basically just buy stuff I like. Then I got pregnant so now I just wear whatever will fit over my belly).

-Build a campfire (I can probably do this. But Jerad is always there when I go camping so... he's all over it)

Some of those things seem so easy... like who doesn't know how to wash a load of laundry?


Elissa Parrish said...

very interesante...

haha you should still know the egg for other people and maybe your son will really like over easy...

good read... :)

Steph said...

heh true... for easter I had to google "how long do you boil an egg"

I figured its just water and an egg, how hard can it be? I just needed to know how long. WRONG.

I boiled the water, then threw the cold eggs into it. idiot:)

misguided mommy said...

you had me right up until feel confident naked. oh wait, back in highschool i was a hottie mc hot so hell yeah i felt comfortable naked

Amber, theambershow said...

I didn't even know she linked to me until I saw this :) I suggested number 98. I love this list. Some things I've mastered, and some I don't think I'll get to, like tie a knot. Hardly useful in Brooklyn :)