Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Remember our wedding rings? Well, Jerad lost his. Awesome huh? Ever since we got them he has been saying it feels too big, "like it could fall off." I guess he was telling the truth!

Its not a big deal, its just a ring, but now we are trying to figure out what to do. In the beginning he wanted to get an antique band... something with some history behind it. Then we found the one he ended up with and he liked the style so we purchased it instead. Since its gone he could get an antique ring like he had originally wanted, but then it wouldn't be the ring in all of our pictures.

We'll see. We're going to give it a few days to turn up. He thinks it fell off, but there have been NUMEROUS times where I have found it in the shower or on the windowsill where he left it after showering/doing dishes. So, it could be sitting somewhere too. Most likely we'll buy another one then his will turn up.

When he told me his ring was gone he was worried I was going to be sad/upset about it. Honestly, I'm not very sentimental about that stuff. Before we got married and were talking about rings I told him that my dad never had one so I just sort of grew up thinking that was how it was. Jerad does a lot of work with his hands (construction, working on cars, welding) so I understood if he didn't want to wear one. He decided to go for it.

Sometimes I think maybe that was a mistake... like he wasn't necessarily made to wear one. In three months, besides the leaving it random places, loosing it, he does other things. Like decides to weld without gloves and gets all sorts of splatter on it that binds to the ring that he then has to grind off. That one I was actually mad about. Not because of the ring, but because HELLO, wear gloves so there isn't molten metal pouring into your hands!!!!

We included a "warming of the rings" as part of our wedding ceremony. It went like this:

Nevertheless, everyone’s active participation in this wedding begins now. Jerad and Steph will be wearing rings as a sign of their commitment to one another, and as the ceremony proceeds, they invite you to take part in the warming of these rings. Each guest is asked to hold them for a few moments, warm them with your love and make a silent wish or prayer for this couple and their future together. When these rings come back they will contain, in their precious metal, that which is more precious, that which is priceless; your love and hope and pledge of support for their marriage.

[The rings will make their way around to each of our guests as the ceremony proceeds.]

The funny part is, before the ceremony, we couldn't find Jerad's ring! We looked everywhere but didn't find it (I had put it in a weird suitcase pocket). Our friend tom loaned Jerad his ring to use and afterward we teased him that all the good lovin' and support was in Tom's ring and not his:) We found his ring right after the ceremony so it all ended well.

Has your hubby ever lost his ring, or is he still sportin the original?


Rachel said...

John has never lost his, but he did drop it down the bleachers at an AHS football game! A little kid climbed under and rummaged through the trash til he found it!

And yes, he was in trouble!

lucinda! said...

noah lost his on the day of your wedding. it still hasnt turned up :0( though i am very sentimental about things, so it was kind of heart breaking. too dramatic? ya, probably. i am secretly looking for one to match mine, sapphires and all.

misguidedmommy said...

rob wears a chain around his neck. um like, one of those little silver bead ones, so when he goes to work he puts it on the chain, on weekends or when he is off he puts it back on. He likes it that way so it's still on him and still near his heart but not where it can be damaged. Works great.

and I dunno what your thoughts on this are, but I guess now he is getting my name tattooed on his ring finger so that even when his ring is off I'm still represented.

Steph said...

Rach- I can't believe a kid found it! That's great:)

Lucinda- Ugh, I had forgotten about that. I guess I just thought they would find it and send it back to you guys:( Having matching ones would be nice though!

Shannon- Oh, the chain is a good idea! I actually like the idea of the ring tattoos. Or when people do their initials plus the other persons. I'd only do it if my ring covered it though:)My band is kind of small and I think it would look funny for a tattoo to be "sticking out" that you couldnt even tell what it was...