Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain rain go away

Well, it's our "weekend." Jerad is still down in the Los Angeles area for God knows how long, and me and Marshall are trying to not go bat shit crazy being stuck indoors. Friday we always go to the park, but that didn't sound appealing since its 50 degrees and raining. Boo.

Instead we went to story time at the library. Why have we never done this before? Oh man, it was a blast. There were about 30 kids. Besides reading stories, everyone sings songs (complete with adorable hand motions), and does crafts. Marshall obviously isn't old enough for those things but he got a huge kick out of watching! This is definitely going to become a regular thing. Watching all the toddlers following along with the story and copying the librarian was so stinkin' cute. It really made me miss being the Kid's supervisor at Borders and leading the story times.

Here are a few pics while we were waiting to go in the reading room:

We go to the library weekly, but its usually to get books for me and Jerad. The few times I've gone in the kids section have been to pick out music for Marshall. I had no idea they had so much stuff for little kids there! Board books (kinda sick cause they're all chewed), super low tables and benches, and buckets of blocks and puzzles. There is a ton of stuff he can enjoy right now and its right down the street.

He's at a hard age for activities right now. He's old enough that he gets excited about things and isn't content just playing in the house/yard, but he's not old enough to really enjoy playing with other kids, the playground, children's museum or other things you do with kids. Soon! I can't wait for this summer. Marshall is such a waterbaby he is going to LOVE the pool, beach and lake. I could swim basically as soon as I could walk, we'll see if he's the same.

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