Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost Finished!

The family room is alllllmost finished. I can't believe what we've completed in just a few short weeks, while working full time, while baby-wrangling 2 kids! Honestly what helped us accomplish so much is ordering out for a lot of dinners, subjecting Marshall to a lot of movies, and staying up ridiculously late. I think last night was the first time Jerad has gone to bed before 2am in the past week.

Friday we spent all day adding the finishing touches, setting nails, wood-filling, sanding, calking, and priming. I held out till almost mindnight and Jerad was up till about 3am. Saturday morning Jerad's dad came over (how awesome is it to have a painter for a father in law?!?) and I took the kids out for a playdate with some friends so the men could have a few hours of uninterrupted time. They worked allll day and night until about 2am.

This is what I woke up to Sunday morning:

I took the pictures on my phone so they aren't the best quality, but as far as the wood work goes everything is finished except for the doors on the built-in and the lights and beadboard that will be added under the big arch above the window. 

It is sooo open now that the half wall is down between the kitchen/dining area and the family room. I love love love the casings Jerad added around the sliding glass doors. It makes such a difference!

He also re-cased the utility closet door, and we painted all the hallway doors white. 

Its a big improvement because they all used to be an ugly brown color with cheapo trim:

In fact, the whole hallway was that dark brown color. It feels so much brighter now!

Sunday afternoon we met Jerad's family in Morro Bay for the kite festival. It was so fun and nice to be doing something OUT of the house together for a change:)

I'm hoping to have the house all cleaned up by Wednesday. There is dust on EVERYTHING thanks to all the sanding. That'll give me Thursday night after work to add finishing touches like making curtains and adding cover plates for the light switches and outlet and then Friday during nap times to decorate and get ready for Marshall's 2nd birthday party which is at 9am on Saturday.

I know none of this stuff *needs* to be finished by Marshall's party, but having a deadline is the only way we get things done. Otherwise it turns into a 6 month ordeal like the bathroom and laundry room at our last house...


KelBel said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! So light and airy! Definite improvement, and probably will have a huge return if/when you ever decide to sell your house. Not many houses around here have custom touches like that!

misguided mommy said...

so clearly when you are done there you are coming to reno and doing my house right? because holy shit your decor is awesome. I love the white and aqua and the paneling and the bookshelves and wait I know, can I just move in there???? Pleaseeeeee

liz oelker said...

you guys gotta get to LA and come give us ideas for future remodel ideas for our place. so pretty :)