Monday, April 16, 2012

Miller: 4 Months

Whoops, I meant to be doing these monthly posts so that some day when I'm not sleep deprived I can hopefully look back and actually remember what Miller was like as a baby. I jest. Sort of.

Passed out on our bed after a bath.
Miller is so smiley, and so happy most of the time. All you need to do is make eye contact with him and he'll scrunch his body up and coo and laugh. He has an adorable you-tube worthy giggle that he busts out at the weirdest times; like when I'm telling Marshall to go get his shoes or hollering downstairs at Jerad to bring up a glass of water. He's healthy, chubby, and suuuuuuper cute.

Breastfeeding is going SO MUCH better this time around! Besides one terrible bout of mastitis we haven't had any issues. With Marshall I had mastitis numerous times, but wouldn't really experience any "symptoms" except redness and some pain. This time? Man. I have never felt so sick in my life. 103 fever, chills, vomiting, dizziness, weakness to the point I couldn't even pick up the baby. It was BAD. Jerad was supposed to be going out of town and I was so sick he postponed, then after I'd been on antibiotics for a day I went with him and it was another 3 days before I had the energy to get out of the hotel room with both kids.

Now I see why everyone complains so much about mastitis! My milk supply tanked and I ended up taking fenugreek which made both Miller and I smell like sickly sweet maple syrup, but it did the trick.Anyways, besides that one hiccup, we haven't had any issues.

He's "talking" to us a lot, grabbing toys and pulling them to his mouth, chewing on his fists, and falling into a semi recognizable schedule. He is rolling onto his side and scooting all over the bed/floor, but not officially rolling all the way over yet. However I'm not really encouraging him because rolling leads to crawling, which leads to walking, and wtf am I going to do when they're BOTH mobile? :)

Fist monching, a favorite past-time:

We've been taking daily stroller walks and he loves looking around and babbles at every tree and house that we pass:

He adores Marshall and doesn't seem to mind being used as a road for tractors, pillow, getting 500 kisses and rough hugs each day, or having his toys stolen.

He is so expressive. If you talk too loud or something upsets him he makes a pouty face before he starts crying:

When he's sleepy he rubs his eyes and whimpers which is the cutest little thing I've ever seen.

Even though he's going through a huge sleep regression and has been waking up once an hour, for over a week, we think he's pretty swell :) 

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KelBel said...

That "sad" pic is just about the cutest thing ever!