Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As far as my last post goes, I wasn't trying to involve Jerad in any decisions. I was just going to see which ones he liked because I figured he would pick the same, or very similar dresses.

After I saw his, er, "style" I had to show him mine to see if he hated them because who wants a disappointed groom at the end of the isle?

That said, I am sooo not traditional about the groom not seeing the dress. Last time we did about 90% of the pics before the ceremony. Jerad is more of a traditionalist and has put the kibosh on that one.

It took me less than a year to get him to step out of the meat and potatoes box and like eating some ethnic foods, so abandoning his [questionable] wedding dress fashion ideas shouldn't be so hard. We could do a trade, he pretends he likes it, and I agree to serve meat and potatoes at the reception!

As long as we don't disagree about the open bar right?

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Jillian said...

Luckily the whole marriage isn't about what the wedding dress looked like, don't think any groom would be disappointed by what his bride was wearing. You are wearing it so you get to decide what it looks like, and same for him and the tux, At least that's what we did : )