Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Television is not our friend

When I was in Jr. High I asked one of my best friend's mom why she didn't have a TV in the Master Bedroom.

She told me because the bedroom was for other things.

I laughed at the time, but her comment always stuck with me. Yes, the bedroom IS for other things. Sleeping (duh), talking, cuddling, getting frisky/freaky. I decided right then that when I was a "grown up" I would not have a TV in my bedroom. And I never have.

When I'm sick and want to stay in bed, Jerad will set up movies for me on my laptop. If I want to take a nap and listen to the TV (ha like that happens soooo frequently) I do it on the couch.

Jerad *zones out* when anything is on television. A commercial, infomercial, program, something he doesn't even like... it just doesn't matter. He can not multi task if there is anything on television, much less fall asleep if it is on. He is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I on the other hand can fall asleep like no other if the TV is on. I think if we had a TV in our bedroom I would never have suffered so many sleeping problems.

But also we would not have all the nights where we get in bed and end up talking to 2 or 3 (or 5 or 6) in the morning. Or as many snuggle-fests. Don't even get me started on the implications to our sex life (although the neighbors might appreciate it).

Then a few months ago I bought a little LCD TV for the guest room. The day after Thanksgiving we switched satellite companies and they installed service in there as well. Annnnd they gave us HBO, Starz, and all those movie channels. Free. For 3 months.

Sunday night we (meaning Jerad because I promptly fell asleep) watched a movie in there*.

Monday night we watched Georgia Rule (terrible movie!) on TV and didn't to to sleep until after 11:30.

Tuesday night Transformers was on and didn't get over until midnight.

We both have to get up for work before 6. We can't stay up like that. And we used to be talky snuggly sleepers. I am pretty sure that having a TV in your guest room and watching it every night then sneaking back to your own bedroom is is even worse than just putting one in your own bedroom.

So, we're putting a kabosh on the late night television rendevous. We'll have to go back to reading and then talking and... lovey stuff. Oh the shame!

What do you think about tv's in he bedroom? Does it work/not work for you?

*I sincerely apologize to all of our overnight guest who have slept on that bed. Ugh, not so comfortable! Or maybe just not compared to the bed we usually sleep on? I don't get it, its a nice mattress with a feather bed top but oi.

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evy said...

hai, I'm Evy. find your blog when I search in google. and read this article, I think to comment. May I? Hehe
For me, having TV on bedroom isn't good. Why? If I have tv on my bedroom, I'll have little sleep haha...coz I'll watch whole day. That's not good.