Monday, December 8, 2008

Waaaaay different tastes.

Last week Jerad and I were looking at Wedding dresses on line. Well, I was and asked him which ones he liked best because I KNEW that he would pick the ones that were my fav right? I mean, we have the same tastes in almost everything else.

Oh Lordy Lordy....

Keep in mind that whenever we do get married, we are planning on a rustic sort of "country-chic" wedding...

Here is my number one choice (Nicole Miller):

And 2nd fav (Maggie Sottero):

And then Jerad's 2 favorites:

The sleeveless version of this:
And this thing:
He also likes this one:
And this, which is weird to me because it looks NOTHING like the other 3:
I like the last one as well. Especially compared to the others. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the other dresses... but everyone has different choices and they are so not me. Jerad hates if I get dresses that have any sort of bauble or anything fancy on the chest so I am really surprised that is what he picked. He is usually a plain-jane kind of guy.

That being said, he did like the Maggie Sottero dress. Especially once he found out that the top has all sorts of beads and sequins (who is this guy?). He thinks the Nicole Miller dress is super plain and would be appropriate if we were having a beach wedding. Let me point out it is an $1800 dress. I told him he only thought that because there was a beach in the picture.

I got over my annoyance and decided that it was a BLESSING that he wasn't in love with either of the dresses I was. I didn't need to be buying a designer dress! Way to expensive! I would end up trying to find the same dress cheaper which would be a ton of work and... bleck.

So I showed him this little cutie from David's Bridal:
$249. Casual. Would work for a Country wedding. I could show off some super cute shoes. He of course hated it. When will I learn to just not try to be a people pleaser? I guess I should be glad we aren't officially engaged yet and not actually planning things. Because apparently he is picturing a QuinceaƱera.


Beth McDermott said...

Not that my opinion counts NEAR as much as Jerad's (although you could TECHNICALLY get whatever you want because HE ISNT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY PART IN SEEING THE DRESS ANYWAY!), but when I saw the last dress... my heart skipped a beat.

Sarah Griffin said...

I agree with Beth, He shouldn't have ANY say... but not just because he isn't suppose to see the dress, but clearly he lacks a little taste, when it comes to wedding dresses. The first one is kind of scary, the second one looks like someone threw up roses all over it, and the third one is jusk OK. As for your choices, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them, especially the 1st. :)

liz oelker said...

i do get so excited when i see you planning though. your wedding will be amazing no matter what the dress is you choose. and common if you walked down the aisle in a dress he didnt like, is he really gonna be thinking about that? :) i do love all of them that you picked, although the 1st is still my fave :)

Steph said...

well I am glad that everyone is on the same page as me!

too bad I'm faking you all our and actually planning on rocking a hula skirt and coconut bra. jk

evy said...

all of them are beautiful. But simple one is most beautiful. White clean. Congrats for your wedding plan steph