Thursday, October 28, 2010

Animal Names

Most parents teach their children the names of different animals. Apparently I need to teach my husband.

(Convo a few nights ago about different kinds of pets)

Jerad: You know, those fluffy things.
Me: ????
Jerad: Um, they have two names... and one of them is like the name of another animal.
Me: .... the hell!?!
Jerad: They have fur!
Me: What do they look like? Do they have tails?
Jerad: You get like two of them and they breed like rabbits.
Me: ...but they're not rabbits...

Finally we establish that he's talking about Guinea Pigs.

You know, those fluffy things with fur with two names (one of them is like the name of another animal) that breed like rabbits.


Hammie Fam said...

LOL. Check out the pic I posted on FB for him :)

Paige said...

We generally called him either "Marshy-Marsh" or "Marshmallow". Miss Him!