Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Shananagins

We had a busy weekend! We finished clearing out the guest room and set up our new sleeper sofa:

Now we just need to build the new desk, and decorate. And agree on paint. So... should be finished sometime next year.

Saturday morning we went to the Pioneer Day Parade:

Everything was going pretty well until one of the steam tractors blew its whistle. Oh boy. He kind of lost his shit for awhile. After Jerad finally calmed him down (thanks babe!), I put him in the Ergo and bounced him to sleep. I maaaaay have fallen asleep too.

After the parade we went out to lunch with Jerad's family. During Marshall's naptime. Another big mistake. You know how I always talk about how he's such a great baby as long as he gets his naps? Well between the parade (he was only out for 20 minutes or so) and lunch he missed 2 naps. It just went down hill from there. I had to leave the table twice. We were "those people" with the screaming baby that ruins everyone else's dining experience. Awesome.

He ended up falling asleep at 4 then waking up ready to go at 11. Luckily we were still up and it wasn't a work night! We've been reading Mysterious Island so Marshall got to listen to a few chapters. Maybe he'll be an adventure story lover too.

Sunday morning we got up and worked around the house. I decluttered our kitchen, laundry room, and have another huge box of stuff to get rid of. Jerad TSP'd and started painting our dining room chairs, and a chair for the porch.

Marshall finally discovered his feet:

In the afternoon we went to the Pumpkin Farm:

It was warm and Marshall wasn't that into it. I call this one "The Saddest Little Pumpkin"

And this one "The Angry Little Pumpkin."

Then we headed over to the park and played on the swings. Adorable.

Look how little he is, you could fit three of him in there!

Jerad is traveling again next week, so it was nice getting in some quality family time.

Next weekend is his birthday, and the next is our anniversary, so lots to look forward to!

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