Monday, October 4, 2010

Operation Re-do: Our New Bedroom

Welcome to our new, less cluttered bedroom!

The only new things are the swing arm lamps above the bed. Everything else was re-purposed from other rooms in the house. Which also means that the whole makeover cost right under $60.

The headboard came from our guest bed, the picture above the bed came from the hall, and the other pictures on the wall used to be in the living room. We got rid of 90% of our Paris stuff, but Jerad wanted to keep the large painting he bought me, and I like having a few small coordinating pieces.

The chair was in the living room. Can I just say that I LOVE having a chair in our room? Its so nice to have somewhere to sit besides the bed.

The side table was also in the guest room. A few coasters, one candle, and one little figuring. Those are the only knick-knacks in the whole room. Perfect. I also adore the lamps. Putting them on the wall means we aren't loosing precious nightstand space, and they're perfect for reading.

I already had all the bedding and the rug too.

We both agree that it feels like a B&B. Its so peaceful. I can't believe that there used to be a full sized dresser (covered with crap to dust), a big hamper, a massive bed frame, shelves (with most stuff to dust), AND a pack n' play in this room. Its only 10x12ft so getting rid of everything made it feel so much bigger.


misguided mommy said...

i wonder if there will ever be a point where i won't say OMG I HAVE THAT PILLOW.

i'm so fucking weird

you should read my last post and tell me if you find the dirty humor in it, or if I just sound like a knucklehead

liz oelker said...

Love it!! and the painting adds just the right touch. very nice :)