Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well now that I'm back at work I decided to stop being lazy and finally take the 890 pics off of my phone and share a few.Here are all the "brother" pics from the last 3 months:

First car trip!

notice the Kleen Kanteen in Miller's lap? Marshall must have "shared" during the ride...

Marshall really loves Miller. He talks about him and wants to see him as soon as he wakes up. He wants to give him (and take away) his pacifier and toys. He likes to hold his hand while he's nursing. He always asks to hold him. He gives him a million kisses a day. Now that Miller is smiling and cooing Marshall is really into him.

He also does funny/not-so-funny things like pry Miller's eyes open when he's sleeping, steps on him if he's in his path, throws balls at him while yelling "catch," pushes the swing as hard as he can when Miller is sleeping in it, and my biggest pet peeve; walks up to him and screaches in his ear while he's sleeping. So far he hasn't hurt him and I know he isn't being malicious... he's just too young to understand the concept of causing pain and lacks the impulse control to realize that screaming at a sleeping baby isn't the best idea.

For the most part Marshall is gentle and just wants to love on his baby brother. I'm trying to get as many pictures and videos of him being lovey now because I know it won't be too long until Miller is the one obsessed with Marshall and Marshall will be sick of it:) 

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KelBel said...

Oh my goodness. They are so stinking cute. You give me so much hope about my two boys!!! I can't wait when I look at these pics!