Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi Blog

I didn't mean to just abandon you. I really need to stop being so flaky... especially since I use this as my "baby book." Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to writing an actual post with pictures:) Right now I'm sitting on the bathroom floor while Miller sleeps and Marshall is taking a bath/swim/splash fest.

On a completely random note, we have a housekeeper now. She comes once every two weeks. Its pretty much the highlight of my week those weeks. It is SO AMAZING to come home from work to a sparkling house. I'm kind of a clean freak. Which is hard to maintain with 2 kids under 2, a husband that works week days out of town, and a 2400 sq ft house. Why did we think 3 bathrooms was a good idea again? I *never* have the time to clean the entire house, top to bottom, all at once. I do a bathroom here, floor there, so it just feels like I'm eternally cleaning and never finished. Anyways, enter the housekeeper!

On the 2-3 days a week he is here we always cram in a family-fun outing (like the beach, Avila Valley Barn, picnic, etc), some couples time after the kids go to bed (dinner/movie out, redbox and wine at home), a project around the house, alone time for each of us (usually a craft, nap, or book for me and guitar or messing with the garage for him) then hopefully visit some family or friends. Plus all the regular chores like lawn mowing, weeding, dog walking, and making meals. Its hard to also scrub floors and vacuum blinds and baseboards.

We're in this new (to us) strange situation of having more money than time so it just made sense to pay someone to do the deep cleaning stuff so that we'd have more family time together. It was actually Jerad's idea. If it were up to him we'd have someone to do the laundry, shopping, lawn mowing, and every other chore we have. I have a hard time paying people to do things I can do myself so it took a lot of convincing to get me on the housekeeper bandwagon but now I'm kicking myself that we haven't been doing this for the last year.

Ok, there's my random rambling for the evening.


Anonymous said...

We have a house cleaner too. Same as you, once every 2 weeks. I agree that it is heaven and so worth it! I feel like it is absolutely a luxury but makes me a better mom for sure! Welcome to the club, enjoy every clean minute! Racgel

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I can't type my own name!! That's Rachel and I think I better go to bed!