Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

We spread our Easter Celebrations over three days this year and I took lots of camera phone pictures. You've been warned:)

Friday morning after the boys were up Jerad and I gave them their Easter Baskets. We knew they'd be getting goodies from all the grandparents so we wanted to space things out a bit. Marshall got a set of wooden dinosaurs and Miller got a set of wooden animals that I picked up for 75% off here. They are super nice quality, and instead of being around $10 per animal, I paid $2.50. I also put in a beanie baby for each boy that a coworker gave me, and some empty plastic Easter Eggs. They were stoked.

This is Marshall "roaring" with one of his dinosaurs:


Miller didn't quite know what was going on, but he hammed it up as well:

After that we went to our weekly playgroup. While the kids all played, we made tye dye shirts. I did a little newborn one for baby #3. It was my first time tye-dying so we'll see how it comes out.

Friends pushing Marshall in the hammock (they were all born within 2 weeks of eachother!):

After work, Jerad brought home a reach lift to cut down two trees in our back yard that are splitting and headed towards our and a neighbor's house. Marshall was OBSESSED and they played in it for about an hour before dinner, and another hour afterwards. He asked to sleep in it and promised he'd go "right to sleep and not cry." Sadly (for him) we didn't go for it:)

Late Friday night my sister and her husband came to our house to stay for the weekend and celebrate her birthday and Easter. They bought baby #3 one of the cutest and frilliest little newborn dresses I've ever seen:

Saturday morning I had a sisters day with Addy, Melinda, and Nicol, and Jerad dropped the boys off with my sister's inlaws (who are basically a third set of grandparents for the boys) and had a guys day with Lawrence and Steve.

While the guys golfed, we went out to breakfast, then coffee, then got pedicures.

Denise sent me a bunch of pictures of her and Dave having fun with the boys. They dyed eggs (brave!), played with baby chicks, and took a walk.


Meanwhile, my youngest sister sent me about 500 pictures of... cats. And her pretending to be a cat.

After pedicures, I met Jerad at his parents house where we had bbq pizzas and the kids hunted for Easter Eggs. This is Marshall's "game face:"

Saturday night after the kids were in bed, we went out for karaoke! This was kind of a big deal because I'm NEVER awake past 9pm these days, and we rarely get a babysitter and go out.

My littlest sister Addy and her boyfriend came to babysit and I promised her it'd be a piece of cake, the kids would just sleep the whole time, and it'd be the easiest $40 she ever made. Bwahahaha! I bet you can guess what happened. Right as we were leaving (about 9pm) Miller woke up and started crying. I tried to calm him down but he was just thrashing around, didn't want a bottle, didn't want to sleep, yet didn't want to get up either. I thought maybe it was just the noise of so many people being in the house, so we left and Addy texted as we were pulling out of the neighborhood saying he was already back asleep.

Then as soon as we got to karaoke, the text messages started again. For the next hour. He was awake. Wouldn't calm down. She thought he might have a fever. She thought he threw up (not sure how there could be any question about that one). She thought his pajamas were too hot. Maybe he was teething? Completely inconsolable. I finally offered to just come home (seriously, what are the odds, the ONE time recently I try to slip out at night?!?) but he finally went back to sleep.

Everyone except me ordered drinks, and despite the horrible singing, I think everyone had a good time:

Out of our group, Jerad and Steve were the only ones brave enough to sing. They even had a sweet little duet together:

By the time we closed the bar down at 1 and got home and to bed, it was 2am. 2 AM PEOPLE! I was awake for 20 hours, without even taking a nap. It's like I was a regular 20 something girl and not an 80 year old woman or pregnant with two kids two and under and working full time:)

Sunday morning Marshall woke up at 6:15, but layed in bed and played with Jerad's phone for a record 2 HOURS until we got up with Miller at 8. Miller woke up in a great mood, and didn't seem sick at all so I don't know what was wrong with him aside from the fact that he has a radar that goes off if I'm trying to get "me time."

Jerad and Larry got to work cutting down the trees:

Its hard to tell how high the trees are from the pictures, but the dog pen you see in the bottom left corner is 6 feet tall and setting on a 3 foot retaining wall to give you a little perspective.

The boys, especially Marshall, were facinated:

Pretty soon it was time to leave and go celebrate with my family. The boys had the cutest little outfits from Jerad's aunt Kanda and I couldn't wait to get a picture of them. This is what I ended up with on my first try:

Luckily, before the day was over I got a better one:

I'm seriously obsessed with their coordinating cuteness. They even happened to have shoes that matched each others shirts! I've really come to love boy's clothes over the past few years. Not that I'm not excited to get to shop in the little girl's section soon!

I also got a million pictures of Marshall pulling Miller around in his tractor:

For the most part, Miller is a really good sport about it... until he isn't:

  Miller took a turn too:

After that I forgot to take pictures of the Easter baskets and egg hunting and everything else that happened but I did get this one:


Despite them running on two days of no naps, we had a great day and they even had the energy to go visit Jerad's extended family for about an hour on our way home (which I also didn't get any pictures of).

I can't believe how fast they're growing up! Marshall "get's it" now, and Miller is old enough to hold his own basket and sort of hunt for eggs. As a reminder, here they are last Easter at 23months and 4 months:


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