Monday, April 15, 2013

What we did last weekend

Friday Jerad had to leave bright and early for work. We'd had a loooong week already and I'd had to wake up both boys at 6 every day so we would be on time, whereas usually they are the ones waking us up. So I was looking forward to us all catching up on some much needed sleep but of course they have some sort of 6th sense about those kind of things and were both up at 5am. Normally I take the kids to our playgroup on Fridays, but they weren't meeting so I offered to take them to story time at the Library instead. Marshall begged to "stay home and JUST play" which was fine with me, because I could stay in my pajamas longer, so that's what we did.

First we did some playdough. Lately Marshall likes to "feed" it to his animals instead of building things. Its pretty funny to watch.

Notice the temporary tattoo on his face? Yeah, Jerad put that on and it will NOT come off. I keep thinking it'll wear off, but so far no luck. 

Miller was a little ham most of the morning as usual.

Around 10am I went to switch over the laundry and when I came back both boys were sitting on the couch zoning out. The TV wasn't on or anything, they were just sitting there like hungover little zombies.

We took a walk around the neighborhood, and when we came back they played together for over an hour. Usually when they play trains they end up fighting over a particular train, or getting angry because they both want to go different directions and crash into eachother, or Miller gets frustrated because he can't keep the long trains on the track... but this time they played TOGETHER. HAPPILY. For an hour.  And I got to catch up on my magazines. Heaven.

After lunch, Marshall made us all "ice cream" by blending frozen strawberries, almond milk, and a little honey. He loves using the blender.

After naps we played blocks for awhile.

By this point I was going beyond stir crazy, so we ran to Target, then went to the park for awhile before coming home and making dinner, and getting Miller to bed.

Jerad and I (meaning Jerad) have been working on the nursery after the kids go to bed and we let Marshall stay up a little later than normal to "help daddy work" and he was so excited!

Jerad and I fell in bed around 11:00 exhausted.

Saturday morning we woke up at 7am and, miracle of all miracles, both kids were still sleeping!!! Jerad has been working super long hours as well as most weekends lately so our to-do list has really been building up. He was going to be home this weekend and we had a list a mile long of things that "had" to get done. I started going over it in my phone and we were both like "blah, this sucks... lets forget that crap and go do something fun as a family!" We have season passes to Gilroy Garden's that we got when we took the kids for Christmas (which I still need to blog about... whoops) which is about a 2 hour drive away and had just re-opened for the season. So we decided to surprise the kids and try to jam out the door by 8am so we could get there when they opened.

By the time we made and cleaned up breakfast, threw in a load of laundry, packed lunches, loaded the car, and played with the dogs (who usually get a long walk on Saturdays), and ran to the bank to deposit checks and the PO to mail some stuff for Jerad's Corporation since both places would be closed on Sunday it was more like 9 before we left but still, not to bad!

Both kids had a BLAST! and I'll post more pictures in a seperate post because this one is getting long. But here's two:

Sunday morning we woke up with our two mile to-do list still there to greet us so we dove right in. Jerad installed a closet pole in Miller's weirdly shaped closet so that I could move all my clothes in there that I'd moved out of the closet in the master bedroom to make room for the nursery.

Then he weed wacked the back yard while the boys watched and Marshall yelled "don't get my bike! don't get the table!" etc, and I changed sheets in all 4 bedrooms, and vacuumed the upstairs and stairway. The neighbor behind us flooded our yard so the weeds had grown to epic proportions. We're hopefully re-landscaping soon so trying to get everything cleaned up so there won't be any delays once we have the time and money to do so.

Once Jerad was done and the rocks stopped flying, I helped him finalize the "back yard plan," decide what plants and landscaping materials we wanted to save and re-use, and pick things up while the boys played in the sand and Miller gave the dogs 800 kisses. For the most part the dogs just ignore the kids but this time Wyatt decided to kiss back and I happened to get a picture at the perfect time.

Adorable. And also disgusting.

Then it was time to clean up the front yard, street in front of the house, and clean out the car from the trip the day before.

Marshall and Miller supervised.

I brought out snacks for the boys to munch on while we bathed the dogs.

Jerad clipped them up to bathe them otherwise they take off and head straight for the dirt to roll in the second they're done. Silly dogs.


Marshall got in on the action too. I'm always reminding him not to water the cat when he waters the plants, so he thought it was very exciting that we let him "water the dogs."

By this point both kids were already covered in dirt and lunch and dog hair so I didn't try to stop Marshall from watering Miller as well.

At first Miller was annoyed, but he was laughing before too long.

My dad dropped off some lettuce, bok choy, and snow peas from his garden and between Marshall and Miller they ate a ton of "leabes." 

Then it was time for showers and naps. Jerad and I decided that since it was only noon and we were flying through our to-do list, we deserved a 30 minute nap while the kids were sleeping too... that turned into an hour and a half. Whoops. Once everyone was up, we took a family trip to buy new dog collars and leashes, shrink wrap for Jerad to wrap a pallet of solar panels that need to be shipped back, and grocery shop at Trader Joes. As we were checking out Marshall told the Australian checker "g'day mate!" Everyone was cracking up.

When we got back we tried, but weren't very successful, at getting the house cleaned up and everything organized for the upcoming week.

In the end we had a GREAT weekend, and even though I didn't get the laundry all put away, outgrown kids clothes sorted and packed up, and bathrooms cleaned. Our bedroom kind of looks like an episode of hoaders (but at least the sheets are clean!) but I'll live.

Sunday night I conked out around 10pm, but Jerad stayed up and got the final coat of drywall mud in the nursery so this week we should be able to get it painted and start moving furniture in!

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