Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finishing the 2nd Trimester - Weeks 25-27

25 Weeks

27 Weeks

Well, I'm now about 27.5 weeks and officially in the third trimester! According to my handy little pregnancy app, a few days ago the baby was supposedly measuring:

She's getting big! From here on our she won't grow very much longer, but will fatten up considerably. Both of the boys were almost the exact same size. Marshall was 8 lbs 3 ounces, 19.5 inches, 14 inch head, and Miller was 8 lbs even, 19.25 inches, 14 inch head so I'm guessing she'll be about the same? I hope so. They were both kind of short and fat which is a good look for babies:) On one hand, I feel like this pregnancy is FLYING by at lightening speed, and on the other hand it seems like a million years ago we found out I was pregnant again.

This is a frustrating time for me because mentally and physically I feel like I can do anything, so I do, then my body revolts against me later. I have the energy and willpower to take the kids places and run around, play with, and pick them up... or spend the weekend doing yard work... but the next day everything just hurts and pops and reminds me "hey, you're huge and pregnant and should slow down a little." I've started having sporadic sciatic nerve pain and some lower back and pelvis pain. Nothing too bad, but I'll probably start going to the chiropractor and doing prenatal yoga again. When I was pregnant with Marshall I'd get prenatal massages which was HEAVENLY, but I never had the time when I was pregnant with Miller. I'm hoping I can squeeze in a few of those too. The skin on my stomach is starting to feel really stretched and itch, which is unfortunate since I still have 11-15 weeks of growing to do. However, right now I'm sleeping fabulously and rarely waking up to pee during the night.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything looks normal and healthy, measuring right on track.

We are currently working our way through the giant To-do List I came up with and I'll post an update after the weekend. I just told Jerad I really really want the nursery finished by the time I'm 30 weeks. Last night I took out all the baby clothes I've bought and people have been giving us and sorted them by size, and made notes of things we needed in which sizes. I'm getting really excited. Whoa man, are little girl things cute:) I've always had a great time dressing the boys but I'm really looking forward to having a girl this time. Hopefully we can come up with a name we agree on before she's born. Right now I'm leaning towards Emerson Eisley, or Emery. Or Maybe Emerson and call her Emery for short? I also like Lainey/Laney or Delaney. Jerad is leaning towards Piper or Paisley with Harper for a middle. I LOVE the name Harper... but it's much more popular (#54) than what I prefer. We'll see! 

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