Monday, April 15, 2013

Gilroy Gardens

Saturday morning we decided to say "screw you!" to our to-do list, and surprise the kids with a trip to Gilroy Gardens. It's a family theme park in the middle of huge botanical gardens. There is a ton of stuff for little kids to do, almost no lines, and its only two hours from our house. The weather was BEAUTIFUL.

I took the kids to Happy Hollows last weekend with a friend and was amazed at how "easy" it was to manage both kids. Having Jerad there too was AMAZING! Having one parent per child, or one of us being able to stand in a longer line while the other took the kids on another ride etc. really made a difference.

At 16 months Miller is old enough to walk a lot of the time, and do almost everything that Marshall does. People kept mistaking them for twins even though they're different sizes... the matching outfits probably contributed:)

Miller fell asleep in the stroller a little after 1:00 so I walked him around while Jerad took Marshall on some of the rides that Miller was too small for. Then we switched and I took him on his favorite, the train. This is what happened when I said "show me your train face!"

Such a little weirdo.

Marshall is getting old enough that he's understanding how to be patient and wait in line. Miller isn't quite there yet, but the lines were all so short it really wasn't a problem.

We got there about an hour after the park opened, and stayed till they closed at 6. Walking back to the car Miller was zoning out and Marshall was wired and talking about how much fun he had and how we would come back soon so I was sure he'd be awake the whole ride home and that Miller would pass right out.


But nope, Marshall (who NEVER sleeps in the car) was snoring before we got out of the parking lot, and slept the whole way home, and Miller was awake and chatting the whole way.


Marshall started making this face at 14 months and just hasn't stopped.

Despite Miller not sleeping, the car trip both ways was great! We stopped once on the way there for a quick pee break and to get gas, and drove straight home. 

Its been hard on me doing these little theme park trips two weekends in a row. Aside from constant braxton hicks contractions while walking, I feel fine at the time. Then the next day my big pregnant body is like "oh no you didn't!" and everything aches. I need a day to just relax afterwards, which is pretty much impossible with 2 small children. On the other hand, I know I'll only get more uncomfortable so I want to get out and do as much as I can while it's still relatively easy.

I want to try to go a few more times before the baby is born for sure. Since our zoo membership gets us in to Happy Hollows for free (we just have to pay for parking), and we have a pass that includes free parking for Gilroy Gardens, if I pack food the only cost to go is the gas! Going there and back in a day isn't too bad, especially if Jerad is there too so one of us is able to pass back snacks and toys and dropped sippy cups. 

For Marshall's birthday coming up, I think we've decided to forgo a party this year and take a family weekend trip. We'll check in to a hotel and play in the pool one day, spend the night and go to Happy Hollows the next morning, spend the night, then go to Gilroy Gardens the next day (they're about 30 minutes from each other) and drive home after they close. I think both kids will have a blast and it'll be nice going back to the hotel at night instead of driving home! 

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