Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Hollows and Gilroy Gardens weekend

Last weekend we took the kids to Happy Hollows and Gilroy Garden as sort of a last family "vacation" before the baby comes/Marshall 3rd b-day/Mother's day hurrah. We had been planning on driving to the hotel on Friday, taking it easy and playing in the pool, spending Saturday at Happy Hollows then Sunday at Gilroy Gardens. At the last minute I decided that I wanted to do Happy Hollows on Friday since they close early and it's not as big or fun as G.G. then spend Sat and Sunday at the Gardens.

The problem with this plan was we had NO time to get ready:) On Thursdays I work a 10.5 hour shift, and have to pick up the boys afterwards. I went grocery shopping on my lunch break for all the food we'd need for the trip, then after I got everyone home started packing and cleaning. Jerad was planning on coming home and helping me, but one thing led to another and he ended up working till almost 10pm.

I have this thing where I can't leave for a trip until things are CLEAN. So I was scrambling trying to change sheets on all 5 beds (Marshall has 2 beds in his room), clean all the bathrooms (WHY do we have three?!?), and catch up on laundry. The house is usually pretty trashed by Thursday. I get everything nice and clean on the weekend, then it slowly goes to hell during the work week as we run out of time and energy. Miraculously the kids were huge helpers and my energy help up long enough to get about 80% of what I wanted to done.

We had planned on leaving at 7am so we could be there about when the park opened at 9, but we ended up leaving at 8 because we still had to load the car, finish packing, and vacuum. Marshall was super excited and patient and we were able to drive straight there with only one quick pee stop.

We hung out at the park till they closed at 3. Both the kids had a blast!

Jerad and Marshall are in the back car

It was hot. I was feeling pretty huge and uncomfortable by the end. There was a huge difference between going last month and this month. I think part of it was also that I had such a busy day Thursday and never really any down time to re-coup. I had pretty much constant braxton hicks contractions (which is not unusual for me), but coupled with the heat and being on my feet all day... lets just say I was glad that they closed early and we got to head to the hotel:)

Our hotel had an awesome indoor pool and once we got there and had dinner, we swam for about three hours.

Our hotel room was perfect. We had a suite with a mini kitchen so I was able to refrigerate the groceries I brought, and the kids had their own "room." The bathroom was attached to our room so I didn't even have to worry about waking them up for my many late night I'm-pregnant-and-pee-every-hour trips. This was also the first time that Marshall slept on a fold out couch bed instead of in a pack n play. At home the kids have been out of cribs around 8-10 months, so it's always awkward convincing them to sleep in boxes (playpens) at hotels, but up until now it hasn't worked having them sleep in the hotel beds because they just want to wander around.

The next morning Miller woke up with AWESOME bed head. It was a perfect mo-hawk. The picture doesn't do it justice.

We had breakfast and headed to Gilroy Gardens. They were filming a commercial and asked if Marshall wanted to be an extra! He was excited because he got to ride the carousel over and over while they filmed:)

We spent the rest of the day going on rides.

We had been planning on staying until the park closed at 6, but the kids were getting grumpy by 4 so we decided to head back to the hotel a little early for a little rest and pool time. Marshall insisted "we're noooooooot tiiiiiiiiired!" but this is what they looked like about 5 minutes after we walked in the door:

We made dinner and spent a few more hours in the pool.

The next morning was Mother's Day. Jerad told the kids to watch TV and "let mama rest" while he went downstairs to get everyone breakfast. Marshall was like "YES! TV and breakfast is going to magically appear!" and Miller took that as an opportunity to play peek-a-boo.

We checked out about 10 and headed back to the park for one last day of fun. Both the kids were so excited when we unloaded them.

The park is seriously so beautiful. Its a huge botanical garden. The next picture is from the top of the Ferris wheel looking over the park. You can barely see all the attractions through all the trees!

They loved this spinning tub ride. They both worked together to spin it and just laughed hysterically the entire time. So sweet!

30 weeks pregnant with all my babies!

On this little race car ride as the kids were all getting loaded on Marshall screamed out "Drivers! Start! Your! Engines!" courtesy of the movie Cars.

We finished up the day with a Garlic Dance Party.

And we were on the road at about 5, and home by 7. It was a busy 3 days but so worth it! And I'm so glad we had one last adventure as a family of 4 before we learn to adjust to being outnumbered by the kids and before I get too pregnant to still enjoy myself:) Knowing us I'm sure we'll have a few more little trips before the baby comes, but if we don't I'm glad we made these memories now.

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