Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pregnancy #3: Weeks 28-31

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks

Getting bigger and bigger! This baby is sitting soooo low. I feel like she's much lower than the boys were at this point. I'm constantly having to pick up my belly and try to shake/pry her away from my pubic bone so that I can walk without doing a crazy waddle. She likes to grate against the right side which causes this really weird tingly/uncomfortable sensation. Traditionally 30-32 weeks is when I start flipping out that I look like crap and my body is falling apart, then I make more of an effort to not be a frump, start doing more prenatal yoga, and seeing the chiropractor which limps me through the next few weeks.

Honestly, at this point (31.5 weeks) I feel pretty good! I do want to start going back to yoga, especially since I have some sessions I paid for and didn't use up last time, and even though I don't feel like my body is breaking I want to get in at least 4 chiropractor adjustments before the baby is born. My midwife always says that chiropractor's babies "just fly out" so it certainly can't hurt. Mostly I'm just being lazy, for some reason the chiropractor is the only place I don't like taking the kids with me (unless they're getting adjusted too). I have no idea why. It's a kid friendly office, the Dr. has 2 young boys of her own. I think I just feel like it's such a relaxing treat and corralling the kids or trying to coerce them into sitting still the whole time mars it for me somehow. But I will because I want to start going BEFORE everything starts feeling like it's falling apart.

In lots of ways I feel like this is my easiest pregnancy yet, but in some ways I feel like it's the hardest. It's just a whole 'nother ballgame being pregnant and chasing around two small children! I'm so exhausted by the end of the day that I'm in bed before 9pm every night, and usually closer to 8. After the kids go to sleep I do a quick toy pickup, vacuum downstairs, try to run the dishwasher and washing machine, then plop in bed and watch some netflix/hulu before going to sleep around 9:30. For awhile I was having HORRIBLE pregnancy insomnia. Like, would be awake for 3+ hours in the middle of the night for no reason then wake up an hour early and not be able to fall asleep until 5 minutes before my 5:30 alarm goes off. Not fun. Luckily, that seems to have passed and for the most part I'm sleeping through the night now and not even having to get up to pee, and if I do I'm usually able to fall back asleep quickly. I don't really remember having this many sleepless nights with the other two, so I'm hoping they're over.

For awhile I was feeling mentally finished with working at my job and had no idea how I was going to make it. Getting the kids up, packed, and out the door early, then working all day and coming home and trying to stay patient and upbeat during 'the Witching Hour' of dinner, bath and bedtime usually alone because Jerad has been working cray-zay hours was really taking it's toll. If he's home, he's usually up till 1 or 2 am doing drawings for permits, or estimates so I don't want to ask him to help do chores, because then he'd be up even later. Then the last 2 nights he's been installing gas and electrical at someone's house until 3am, then midnight.I may have had one moment where I was almost in tears and told Jerad I was just going to quit my job and we could live in the new minivan down by the river. He pointed out that our river is an underground river so there's not even any water and I'd probably get bored pretty fast.

Actually, he tells me I should quit and be a stay at home mom all the time which really doesn't help keep me motivated to be working which is unfortunate because we need the money.

Luckily last week I had Monday off since I wanted to stay home to let the kids recoup from our busy Gilroy Garden's weekend, then my Thursday midwife appointment got canceled and I'd already made arrangements to pick up the kids and take off work early so I did and my "weekend" started at 1pm on Thursday. I'm taking off at 1 again today for the new appointment and Marshall's 3 year well-visit then Monday is a holiday. Just that little bit of extra time has really recharged me and I'm feeling like I CAN do this whole working full time/being hugely pregnant/caring for 2 toddlers thing awhile longer.But, I'm basically out of paid time off which sucks because I still have 6-12 weeks of pregnancy left then it seems like after I go back to work after maternity leave there's always things that come up for the first month that make me late/miss work. Oh well, we'll figure it out!

So, that's about all for now. I'm huge and uncomfortable, but not unbearably so. I feel like this baby will be coming early (Miller was 10 days early) because of the discomfort and how low she is, but logistically it would work out best for us if she's a little late. We haven't made ANY progress on the nursery in the last few weeks and I really want to get that done so I can start putting her things away. Jerad's Aunt dropped off a bunch of really really really cute girls stuff that they've been collecting (for awhile, she was convinced Miller would be a girl)... which I may or may not have modeled some of on Miller...

He was so excited and Marshall kept saying "Miller is Beautiful!"

Then someone Jerad has been working for offered to let me look through 4 huge bags of girly hand-me-downs so at this point we should have everything we need and more up through 18 months or so. When we found out we were having a girl and I talked about buying girl's things Jerad said "she can just wear the boy's old clothes right?" bwahaha. I've done pretty good with the shopping. I bought $50 of clothes at one consignment store (which were all marked down an additional 50%), then $60 at another (which were marked down 75%). So I've spent $110 on clothes (size 1-18 months), then everything else people have given us. She will definitely be fashionable!

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