Thursday, May 23, 2013

31.5 week crazies

I decided to treat myself to a bath since Jerad was home to do bedtime with the kids. When I got out I yelled downstairs for him to please bring me up a glass if ice water when he put Marshall to bed. A few minutes later he put him to bed and went back downstairs. 

I called down again about the water and he came upstairs again without any. At which point I freaked the heck out and snapped "for the love of God what do I have to do to get some effing ice water???" 

A look flashed across his face like "um, you're an insane pregnant woman, I don't even know what you're talking about, please don't start throwing things." He apologized and said he hadn't heard me then tried to make small talk and mentioned that I hadn't been in the bath long. At which point I snapped "I got too hot!" 

Then, bless his soul, he tried to point out that I could have added some cold water (will he ever learn to just smile and nod?!?) needless to say neither one of us are having good nights. 

But I finally did get my ice water.

I'm not usually a hormonal irrational person so I thought I should record it for future reference:) 

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