Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update on "The List"

About three months ago I shared with you The List of things I was hoping to accomplish before baby #3 arrives.

I swore that I wasn't going to start a bunch of new projects till we actually got some in process things FINISHED, and that I was going to try to stick to the list instead of coming up with more things to do. Well, that hasn't really panned out... but we are making progress! Here's the updated list with things that we've finished crossed off, and newly added items highlighted:

Home Improvements:

Family Room: $-$$
-Finish built-in (this gets 1/2 way crossed off because it's about 50% done)
-get new comfy sofa? (one of Jerad's customer's gave us an amazing leather couch!)
-artwork on walls (this one is also about 50%)

Laundry Room: $
-Finish walls/ceiling/counter
-Add shelves
-artwork on walls
(nothing has happened in the laundry room. Which is hugely unfortunate because I do a LOT of laundry and it's driving me crazy)

Backyard: $$$$
-re-grade so it slopes away from house and has spot for pool/playground
-build new retaining wall against back fence (the structural part of the wall is up, it just needs to be faced in something that's nice to look at)
-build new retaining wall where the playhouse will be
-install paver patio
-set up above ground pool
-deck around pool?
-install drains
-sprinklers and grass area
-covered seating area
-spruce up dog area
-sand area for the kids with a covered area
-bbq area
-firepit area
-cut down huge silver dollar eucalyptus trees that are going to fall on our neighbor's house next time the wind blows.
-plant flowers in barrels or some dog/gopher safe containers.
-extend yard and build new fence

Nursery: $
-move clothes out of master closet to make room for "nursery"
-retexture and paint walls
-new light fixture
-crib (have)
-dresser (have)
-glider? (have)
-wall art

Kids bathroom: $$
-tile floor
-fix hot water regulator
-refinish bathtub
-retexture walls
-paint vanity
-new light fixture

Master Bedroom: $
-reframe windows
-reframe door
-finish bedframe
-paint dressers/shelves
-artwork on walls

Master bathroom: $-$$
-tile floors?
-new light fixtures?
-add toilet sprayer
-re-texture toilet closet

Kid's Rooms: $
-Move toddler bed from Marshall to Miller's room
-Move second twin bed to Marshall's room
-Replace Marshall's broken ceiling fan
-Add ceiling fan to Miller's room
-Move around wall hangings/artwork to work with new room layouts.
-Patch and paint holes where artwork used to be.

If time (please please please):
-re-frame windows/door in front living room
-paint living room
-paint staircase
-paint upstairs hallway
-artwork/pictures in hallway/stairway
To buy for baby girl:
-newborn and size 1 disposable diapers
-rock and play sleeper? (we don't really need this but I've heard good things and it'd be nice to have a portable place to put the baby down)
-toilet sprayer
-pack and play? (we have 2 but Miller will use one when we travel and the other one is a cheap POS that I want to throw away each time I try to open/close it so I'd love to replace it)
-white noise machine
-new Sophie
-pack of aiden and anais blankets
-clothes and headbands and a few pink dipes:)

It doesn't look like a lot, but I feel like we've accomplished something!  The nursery really is almost finished, we just need to paint then start moving in furniture. We've spent days on the backyard and I think we're done with all the stuff that has to happen before it starts looking like we're actually doing any work:) I've cleaned and decluttered the Master bedroom and Jerad should be able to reframe the windows and doors and patch holes to get ready for paint in just a few hours. I'm HOPING we can get it painted along with the nursery and our bathroom this weekend.

Jerad's dad said he'd paint our front living room area if he has time which would be AMAZING! It has vaulted ceilings and if we did it ourselves it would take forever. I'm a crappy painter, and Jerad hates painting more than anything... his dad is a professional painter so he'd be much much faster.

The kid's bathroom and laundry room's really need to happen. Like I mentioned before, we don't even use their bathroom and I really want to get them bathing in there and using it to pee and brush teeth instead of ours. The biggest thing that needs to happen is Jerad fix the faucet so that it can have warm water, but it would be really really nice if we can paint and replace the flooring in there too.

We just need more time (ha!) and money (ha! ha!). Oh well, such is life.

Traditionally I start to freak out around 34 weeks about there still being so much to do, so we still have about 3.5 weeks before I get to that point. I've also been going on a huge purging and decluttering streak and I think we're going to try to have a yard sale in a few weeks.

As far as things we need for the new baby, at this point I don't think we really need anything! At this point we have a ton of adorable clothes, cloth diapers (no girl ones yet:), baby carriers and blankets. There are things I want to buy but I feel like it's fun little things to be cute or make our lives easier, there's nothing that I'm stressing about having to have. I have changing pads and swings and all that kind of stuff from the boys. I'd like to get an infant carseat (Miller's was a gift from a friend that expires soon), but we have an extra convertible seat she can use if we don't. I preferred going straight to the convertible with Marshall, but now that we'll have three kids it'll be nice to be able to load one of them in and out of the carseat in the house then pop it in the car.

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