Monday, June 3, 2013

Pregnancy #3: Weeks 32-33

Whelp, we just passed the 33 week mark. That means it's only a month till I'm full term or if I deliver late I could have as much as two months and some change left. Either way, not too far left! Things still aren't feeling that real. As in, I can't believe that SOON I'll have another living breathing BABY INFANT to snuggle and who will be waking me up all hours of the night.

At my last midwife appointment I pointed out that my ankles have been a little swollen... no one else can tell but I usually have pretty bony ankles so I can notice the difference. I had Marshall and Miller with me so I didn't pay complete attention to what she said, but the gist was it wasn't bad swelling and the best thing I could do would be to soak in long deep baths at night which would help the ankle water go back in my system and I'd pee it out or something.  Obviously those weren't her exact words...I just heard "take long baths" and that was enough for me:)

Mentally I am back at feeling tapped out again. Lets face it, being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant and in the third trimester during the summer is hard. Working full time is hard. Having a husband who works more than full time and is gone a lot is hard. Parenting a 1.5 year old is hard. Parenting a 3 year old is hard. Parenting two small children WHILE being hugely pregnant is hard. Dealing with ALL those things, and pets, and making sure our bills get paid, there's groceries to make healthy meals with, there's clean clothes for everyone to wear and doing it all alone while trying to remain cheerful and a good mom for my kids is HARD.

Half of me (the sweet and reasonable side) feels like this is just the season of our lives right now, and I have great kids and a wonderful husband and there are many many women that have it much rougher so I should enjoy myself and have no right to complain at all.

Then the other half of me, the pregnant, fat, overworked hormonal one, is a little/lot jealous of all my friends who have moms/mil's who help them out or husbands who let them sleep in till 9 (or 10, or 11:) or are around during the dinner/bath/bed witching hours of which I've been doing solo for 7 out of the last 8 nights.

Today was a bad morning so the hormonal side is winning out. Both the boys woke up last night at different times for weird random reasons (Miller fell out of bed and Marshall needed water), plus Jerad started snoring like a crazy person when he came to bed at 1am after working on permit stuff so I didn't sleep well. Then he left for work early early so I had to get up at 5 in order to feed all the dogs and cats, put the wet clothes in the dryer, pack lunches, feed Marshall breakfast and get him ready for preschool, and pack Miller's bag for the babysitter, then drop off both the boys at different places all before going to work for a 10.5 hour shift. The good news is Marshall can't be dropped off till 7am so I was 30 minutes late for work which cuts my shift a little shorter! It's just been a busy/hectic week. I'm sure a good night's sleep will turn me back into my normal optimistic self... in the meantime just don't talk to me.

So, this was taken at 32 weeks. 

Then this one later on in the same day lamenting that I'm now so huge even MATERNITY swim tops won't cover my current massiveness:

Do you see how low she's sitting? For comparrison here I am at the same gestation with Marshall on the left and Miller on the right:

That weekend was actually awesome. My sister's in laws (who are basically a third set of grandparents to the kids) offered to take the boys for awhile on Saturday so we could make some progress cleaning out the garage. Our three car garage looked like it belonged on the show Hoarders. It was BAD, and not a project that's easy to tackle while supervising the little ones. We dropped them off a little after 8am and were planning on picking them up around lunch... but they offered to keep them ALL DAY. It was amazing.

After we dropped them off, Jerad and I went out to breakfast at a little Mexican place we went to a lot when we were first dating and living in Templeton. It's been awhile since we've gone out to eat just the two of us. Then we made crazy progress on the garage. I resisted the urge to clean and do my normal chores and just focused on projects that would be easier to get done without the boys. So basically the garage, and going through all the closets and kid's toys to get together stuff for our upcoming yard sale. We picked them up around 4 and they'd spent the day playing and petting chickens and swimming and having so much more fun than they would have at home. On the way home my mom called and asked if we could stop by and told me that she wanted to throw a baby shower in two weeks! I wasn't expecting a shower at all this time, so that was a fun surprise.

Sunday Jerad worked for part of the day and we finished building one of the fences in the backyard, took the boys swimming, and the dogs on a long family hike.

Then because Jerad was home most of the weekend his schedule last week was crazy crazy and I've been doing most of the kid drop off's in the morning and all of the bedtime's at night which has led to my current "whoa-is-me" attitude:)

Yesterday evening we managed to squeeze in a family/maternity photo session that I'm hoping came out good. The kids were running on no naps and weren't into it AT ALL, and the weather decided to become a freak wind storm so I spent most of the time brushing my hair out of my face. We'll see!

This was taken at 33 weeks, right after the baby flipped transverse so she looks a little higher than the previous week:

At this point I'm welcoming the transverse presentation. It's been giving my pelvis a break, and both the boys were total acrobats, flipping complete breech and back at 39 weeks (Marshall) and 38 weeks (Miller) so I'm guessing she's just the same.

These next two weeks should FLY by. My boss is on vacation so work is extra busy which helps pass the time here. I have a chiropractor appointment (finally), Friday morning is our Playgroup, Friday evening Marshall's preschool has a party, Saturday we're having a yard sale and hopefully getting rid of a ton of stuff, Sunday is the baby shower (and my sister is visiting!), then next week I have another Chiropractor appointment, Midwife appointment, and for Father's day we're taking the kids to Gilroy Gardens. Most of the projects Jerad has going on should be wrapping up during that time so we should be seeing a little more of him too.

Sometime during all that chaos we need to get the nursery set up. Still haven't done anything in there. Whoops!

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