Tuesday, June 4, 2013

iPhone clearout/what we've been up to

My phone was once again at the point where in order to take a picture, I had to delete one first to make space so I finally moved everything to my external hard drive. So here's an update of what we've been up to in the last few weeks.

LOTS of playing in the back yard. Our backyard is currently dirt and sand as the landscaping drags on at a snail's pace. On the one hand I hate it because I have to dust every 5 minutes and even if I vacuum 3 times a day there is still sand all over the floors... but on the other hand the boys and dogs are in heaven:



We've been going to Target. A lot. It's almost embarrassing how much. I feel better if I walk regularly, but it keeps getting up into the triple digits so browsing air conditioned Target keeps winning out over going through the neighborhood. The boys are happy to sit in the cart for about 45 minutes and think it's some kind of treat. Usually I let them play with some random toy, then when it's time to go we put it back and so far they seem okay with this plan. I'm on a major no spend/budget crunch so "window" shopping makes me feel a little less deprived.

Marshall even took a nap in the cart one day:

Going to our weekly playgroup. We meet on Fridays at someone's house or a park, the kids play, the moms talk and have snacks... it's heavenly:


The boys used to nap FABULOUSLY after coming home from the play dates... not so much anymore. Usually they both skip naps on Friday's now which is frustrating. Lately Marshall has been begging to go "lay with Mill Mills and snuggle him and be really quiet." Which is kind of a big fat lie because they make all sorts of mischief, BUT they do play nicely together and have fun so I've just been going with it.

This particular day they managed to take a slat out of Miller's bed. I have NO IDEA how, because they were silent doing it, and to get it back on Jerad had to take apart the bed with an allen wrench...

This next set of photo's cracks me up. The boys have been sitting next to each other for meals. Miller always wants what's on Marshall's plate (which 99% of the time is the same as what he's eating). 

Scoping out the competition


Upset that Marshall is ignoring his requests.
Victorious that he managed to steal a bite.
So proud:)
Ha! They are such little hams! The bonus to this new seating arrangement is that Marshall now eats his food because he knows if he doesn't, Miller will.

A few weeks ago Jerad decided to take the boys "backyard camping" to give me a little break. The plan was for me to go out and see a movie, then get to hopefully sleep through the night while they bbq'd dinner and partied it up in the tent. I got chocolate and marshmallows (both very special treats!) and gluten free grams so they could do s'moores, and each of the boys their own flashlight. Marshall was very very excited.

I went and saw the new Star Trek at 6:45, which put me home a little after 9, and they were all still up. Apparently while Jerad was setting up the tent, the boys brought in and dumped an entire bucket of sand in the house. Then Marshall discovered the marshmallows in the tent and ate a BUNCH, got a sugar high, and clocked Miller in the head with a rock.

All in all I think it was a pretty realistic camping trip! 

It was clear Miller would be better off getting some sleep in his own bed so I brought him in the house with me. Jerad and Marshall played flashlights until midnight or so and were back up at 6am the next morning.

Our cat Monster "camped" too.
The next day Marshall took a 3.5 hour nap:)

Morning guitar sesh:

One day when Jerad was going to be working late we picked up dinner after I got off and met him at a park so the kid's would still get to see him. We do a lot of things like this so it doesn't seem like he's gone as much as he is:)  The park has a water play area and Miller couldn't stay out of it:

On my day's off I always ask Marshall "what should we do today?" Usually he comes up with something reasonable and we do it, like the Children's Museum, Park, Hike, Zoo, Library, feed the ducks etc. Instead he said "lets go to the waterslides, then go to a hotel and swim in the pool, then go to Gilroy Gardens."

We settled for floaties in the bath which is wildly more entertaining than a 'normal' bath:

As I mentioned in my last whiny pregnancy post, Jerad has been gone a LOT lately so I've been doing mostly solo-parenting. On the days I work, after I pick up the kids honestly all I want to do is drag myself home and sit on the couch and do NOTHING. But since that's not really fair to the boys (and I'm sure it wouldn't pan out that way anyways), I try to do something fun.

Like stop at the park. This day was actually really sweet. I was EXHAUSTED and had had a hard day at work. When I picked up the kids they were feisty and Marshall was begging to go to the park and honestly, it was the last thing I wanted to do. But I went for it anyways. I was dreading meltdowns and picturing me running around non stop.

When we got there they were so sweet and well behaved. There were a bunch of 12-18 month olds and Marshall was so patient and kind to them, shared toys well, and helped Miller climb up some of the bigger equipment. I sat on the bench watching most of the time, and a grandma and two different mom's came over to compliment me on what good kids I have which is always nice to hear! After about an hour and a half I said it was time to go and instead of throwing a fit, both kids gave back the toys they were playing with, and climbed in the stroller happily.

Last Thursday, one of my long days, I decided to take the boys to the once-a-month PJ story time at the library. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea because typically they're pretty fried by Thursday (it's our Friday) and it wouldn't be getting over till after they are normally in bed. But I'm so glad we went! They had a BLAST and it was way more engaging and entertaining than the regular story time. Marshall has been talking about it ever since and we'll definitely be back next month!

This last one was taken on Saturday. Jerad was working, and I was out of energy and creative ideas to limp us through the last hour between dinner/baths and bedtime so I turned on a Thomas movie and told them it was only staying on if they sat on the couch. I try to not let them watch a lot of TV... most weeks just 30 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the weekends we don't usually turn it on unless there's something I HAVE to get done and they won't stay occupied. 

But man, I totally see why people do this more often:)

Well, according to my phone, that's what we've been up to lately!

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