Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What a difference a few days can make

So, a few days ago I was all "waa waa waa, I'm tired and feel like crap whoa is meeeeee" and now I'm feeling pretty good! I've slept well (enough) for the past two nights, and Jerad has been able to drop the kids off the last two days which has made my mornings much easier.

On Monday I finally made a Chiropractor appointment for Tuesday of next week (the earliest they could get me in), and then yesterday morning they called and said there was a cancellation if I wanted to come in a week early. I almost didn't go since it was at 4:30 in San Luis and I knew the boys would be getting hungry and probably not want to calmly sit through the appointment, but I decided to anyways. Then 2 hours before I was supposed to be there I got a call that one of the Chiropractor's boys had gotten sick so she had to go home and a different doctor was filling in for her. I almost cancelled because the main reason I go so far is specifically to see Dr. Molly who specializes in pregnant women and has some sort of magic ju-ju, but I decided something was better than nothing.

I got off work at 3, picked up the boys, and stopped by Target in SLO to kill 30 minutes and get them some raspberries and crackers to limp them through the appointment.

Then we headed to the office. I put them in the double stroller and made them stay in it to eat their snacks and play with toys while I was being adjusted so that I didn't have to worry about them running out of the exam room:) Getting adjusted by a different doctor definitely confirmed my suspicions that it's worth it driving the extra 30 minutes each way to see Dr. Molly. She does SO MUCH more soft tissue work and a much more thorough exam and adjustment and checks the baby's position etc. But, I am glad I went and I was pretty far out of alignment so it was worth it. I woke up feeling so much better, I hadn't realized how sore I had been feeling! I still have my appointment with Dr. Molly for next week and I'll keep going weekly until the birth so everything is nice and straight and the baby is in an optimal position to just fall out when the time comes (ha, I wish!).

I was really hoping to have a yard sale this weekend to get things de-cluttered and out of the house. Its looking like we won't have time which is unfortunate because the next "free" Saturday we have is about a month away so if we postpone it I'll have piles and mountains of yard sale stuff sitting around the house for that long which is basically the opposite of de-cluttering. I'm thinking of donating everything, but we have some really nice stuff so the greedy part of me would really like to make some money from it at a sale. I think, conservatively, we would be able to make at least $700 so it would really be worth doing. Then again, if I just donated everything we would save ourselves HOURS of sorting and pricing and selling which could be spent getting other things done or Jerad could use that time to spend at work which is insane right now. We'll see.

Besides that I'm just looking forward to chipping some more off of our "to-do before baby comes" list and this weekend!

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