Thursday, June 13, 2013

What we've been up to

We've been busy! Last Friday the playcare/preschool Marshall goes to twice a week had a little graduation party potluck. Marshall was so excited to have Jerad, Miller and me all at his "school."

 We had been planning on having a yard sale the next day but Jerad had been working late every night and I just couldn't get everything done in time so we decided to try again in a few weeks. The main reason I wanted to do a yard sale was to declutter... so now there are piles of things EVERYWHERE to donate, or sell. I am slowly going insane. It's like, why even clean when it looks like we're living on an episode of Hoarders. There is seriously not one room in the entire house that doesn't make me twitch right now. Well, I guess the bathrooms are all ok.

Anyways, instead we focused our energy on finishing the baby room. Nothing had happened since 2 months ago when Jerad put up the drywall mud. He works really well under pressure so telling him that we HAD to get it done before the baby shower on Sunday finally kicked him in gear. We spent one day sanding (we meaning Jerad of course... but I did stay awake until midnight to keep him company), then 2 nights painting. Oh my gosh, he turns into such a BEAST about drywall and painting. I think he would literally rather wade through raw sewage. Which is ridiculous because it is such a small room that it went so fast.

The night he was doing the drywall he went to vacuum after sanding and noticed that the canister needed to be emptied and the filter washed (apparently you're supposed to check those things?). He went to wash the filter in the sink but I had just finished cleaning our bathroom so I asked him to go use a different one. He's usually so cheerful and even tempered it just cracks me up when he gets an attitude. Basically he was annoyed at me for cleaning. If I wasn't constantly vaccuuming then the canister would be empty and filters all clean. Whatever. I'd offer to stop, but even with my seemingly constant cleaning our house is a disaster so stopping al together probably isn't the best plan.

These pictures were taken late at night on my phone so they're not the best but you can get an idea:

view looking in the door
crib bedding
wall hangings above the crib

changing table to the right of the door
The walls are Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue:

We still need to clean the drywall mud off the carpet, add a few more things to the walls and maybe some shelves, replace the light fixture, and get a rug, but overall it feels done to me and I'm extremely happy! We ended up buying the crib bedding I wanted, and the changing table on Craigslist then spray painting it. We left the crib yellow which we had painted for Miller's room. I had the fabric, frames, and mirrors already so we only spent about $150 on everything including the bedding! I know the baby won't really use the space, but I feel good having a special place dedicated for her.

Saturday night my sister and her husband were visiting and brought us delicious Thai Food and played with the kids for hours. Then my BIL helped babysit them during the shower! I wish they lived closer, I miss when we were neighbors:)

Sunday my mom threw me a surprise baby shower. It wasn't really a surprise... but I didn't think I was having one at all this time and she decided to do it about a week and a half before the shower so it sort of felt like a surprise. It was just a low key ladies lunch with a pink theme. I had the boys with me and forgot my camera so I didn't get a ton of pictures

My sisters, mom and me

Both the kids skipped naps and were a little tired when we got home. Miller fell asleep in the car and stayed passed out on a living room chair while Marshall and I watched a movie.

He even stayed passed out when Amy came over to visit and deliver our pictures and Jerad's sister stopped by to pick up a canoe! I have weird kids who are crazy light sleepers and ONLY sleep in their beds... so this was a blog-worthy event.
Its been triple digits and I'm feeling huge and lazy so I stocked up on a bunch of dollar
store shaving cream which the boys have been playing with in the shower.

This usually buys me 30 minutes and they end up really clean so it's a win-win. I anticipate lots more of this type of thing while I'm on maternity leave. Which will be SOON!

We're kicking around the idea of going to Gilroy Gardens this Saturday. I really really want to get some things done around the house... and our front yard looks so white trash right now since it got all torn up by the tractors for the backyard then the yard sale stuff everywhere... but the kids would have so much fun and I know I won't feel up to going for much longer. And since it's Father's Day weekend I'm sure Jerad would prefer a day trip to a theme park over sweating outside doing yard work:)

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misguided mommy said...

The shaving cream thing...I want to do that right now.

The nursery...not helping my need for all things pink. I really just need you to come decorate my house please!