Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Case of the Moan-days...

I hate Monday. Today is Tuesday, but somehow it feels like a Monday... Ugh. After having a three day weekend, it is always so hard to get back in the swing of things. Plus, I had such a great weekend that it makes it even harder to go work a 10 hour day!

Friday, Jerad was sick so he didn't go to work (the second time in 2 years haha). We slept in and then later he took me on my favorite date EVER. We just went to Starbucks, had coffee and read books for about 3 hours.

That was more fun that any Disneyland/out of state/romantic dinner ever.

I love love love reading (and coffee). Him? Not so much.... it was so fun to just read books and then talk about our perceptions of what we had just read. He got so into his book that he didn't realize we had been there over 3 hours.

We also took the pups out to the country and let them frolic around to burn off some pent up energy:

That night, we made a super yummy dinner, and invited Melinda and Larry over for Mexican Train Dominoes. Of as Mel calls it, "Mexican Line Dominoes."

Saturday we read some more, cleaned the house, and played a game over at Melinda and Larry's house. Its so nice that they live next door now!

Sunday we went to the early service at Paso Robles Calvary Chapel. Its the second week we've gone there and so far like it. When we got home, we read some more, then his parents came over. Jerad's mom and I worked on scrap booking the whole afternoon, and Jerad and his dad worked on the plumbing for our shower. I am soooo excited that the back shower will [hopefully] be finished soon. We sort of dropped it after my birthday just because all of the other construction had been so labor intensive and expensive. The bathroom was done so it was easy enough to put close the shower curtain and pretend like it was finished too:)

We are hope hope hopeing to have it finished within a week or two. Also Jerad is going to install heating/AC in the remodeled bathroom and laundryroom which it has never had. Our house is so old, 1953, that there is no insulation in any of the walls. So, it will be very nice to be able to heat those rooms since they connect to our bedroom and it has been chilly in the morning!

Lastly, I'll leave you with a picture of me and my bestie Tina, at her mom's wedding a week ago. We got to wear veils on our heads and eat amazing Mexican food. Mmmm!

S, I love how I'm wearing heals and she still has to bend down to be at my height:)


The Bitchy Wife said...

Mmmm, I love it when you blog about me...especially when you say nice things about being neighbors. It's really cool of you not to mention when I say creepy things to you like how at night I sneak into your house and stand at the foot of your bed watching you and Jerad sleep while rubbing my hands together and whispering "my pretties" over and over again...so thanx!

Steph said...

ha! ya when I replayed that convo to Jerad, the sad thing is, he wasn't even surprised:)