Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weirdo Wednesdays

Now that I've been using Google Analytics I get to see all of the, erm interesting, search terms that people use to find my blog.

Here is a few that have made me laugh so far:

5. Coworker thanks though.
-You're welcome?

4. I think I might be alright?
-That's a relief?!?

3. I'm a sahm + chipclip

2. load my mouth stephanie renee
-Sooo creepy that that brought up my blog haha.

1. redneck boobs
-and I love that this brought up my blog! Maybe I'll have that tattooed on my chest. Too much?


People can type such weird things into google... my work nickname is "The Googler" because I use google to answer any weird question people have. I still remember the time I thought I could find a "hump day" image. Ewe....

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