Thursday, January 29, 2009

We love our vegetables.

I was talking with a friend today about making dinner and different things that she and I like to cook. She was amazed at the amount of fresh veggies I use in a week.

When Jerad and I started dating, potatoes and the occasional broccoli were about the extent of what he was willing to eat. Over time that has drastically changed. These are (most of) the vegetables/vegetable like things that we ate since last Sunday:

Yellow Chile's:
Serano Peppers:
Poblano Peppers:

Other Mixed Greens:
Green Beans:
Yellow Squash:
Red Potatoes:
Holland Potatoes:
3 Onions:
5 Bulbs of Garlic:
And... all that in only 4 dinners. I think so many people *think* they hate vegetables, but really they just hate the way that they are prepared. Seriously, I had never met anyone who detested eating green things more than Jerad, and now he gobbles them up!

Most people (and restaurants) severely overcook veggies.

When cooking a veggie for a side dish, I almost always just warm a few tablespoons of water in a pan, add garlic, add the veggie just long enough to heat it all the way through, then turn off the heat and add pepper and dill.

If its something we can eat raw, we do.

I also steam a lot.

When I make tuna, we stuff it in poblano or bell peppers instead of putting it on bread.

Instead of fries, we have green beans.

Frying, battering, and cooking the holy hell out of something in oil takes out most of the nutrients rendering it pointless. Vegetables have so many natural juices, they just taste better without much added.

Here is what is on the menu for the next few days:


Then of course more lettuces, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.

Another way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet is to add them to your salad. We put in things like eggplant, apples, cranberries, bell peppers, jicama, mushrooms, beets, squash... whatever. Throw on some olive oil and balsamic, and its a party in your mouth!

What veggies do you love or hate?

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Sarah Griffin said...

Go Veggies! Great post Steph! I always thought I hated veggies, but really I just hated canned veggies that were heated up in the microwave. Particularly the "mixed veggies".. you know frozen peas, corn, and carrot chunks all together in a bag. Gross! Since Sean & I have been together, his mom always prepares fresh veggies with their meals, and I have learned to love so many more. I've always loved Broccoli, but now I fresh squash & zucchini are a new fave. I love to cook up some onion in a pan first with just a little bit of EVOO, and then after those grill up for a bit add sliced fresh veggies.. so yummy. Yesterday we tried it with carrots, and zucchini- it was SO good. I agree with you, its all about how the veggies are prepared.