Monday, January 12, 2009

What a beautiful weekend!

Last Friday I headed up to San Fransisco to go wedding dress shopping and hang out with my bff Tina for the weekend. I figured that since her finance Tom doesn't have much free time anymore, I'd be safe to show you how beautiful the dress she picked out is:

Ha, jk, nice try Tom...

Here are a few other highlights from the weekend:

It was such a fun fun weekend!!!! We went shopping, to a museum, the Japanese Tea Gardens, a Comedy show... had lots of yummy food! I'll spare you the pics of my blistered toes since I was smart enough to wear heals during all of that... oops.

Sunday before I came home Tina and I went on a one and a half hour walk in Indian Valley with Belle her pup and then visited Tom at work. I had such a fun time and got to meet her new mom in law and snuggle with Tina in bed every night... what more could I want?

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