Thursday, February 5, 2009

Products I heart.

After I wrote this post, some of you emailed or commented asking what sort of products I have been using. So I thought I would finally answer you!

My criteria was to find products that didn't contain any parabens or other icky unpronounceables, were affordable, and available around here so I didn't have to order and wait for shipping each time I needed something.

I read a lot of reviews and searched for products, then narrowed it down to what I wanted and checked where it was available. It turns out that between Target and Walgreens, I was able to get almost everything I wanted!

Enter Yes To Carrots.
I purchased their shampoo and conditioner from the Yes to Cucumbers line for colored hair. I haven't colored my hair for a long time, but I thought it would still appreciate the extra moisture:
After using these for just a few days, the difference in my hair was nothing short of amazing. It had so much body, and no left over residue from styling products. And the smell? Mmmmm! I also stopped losing hair in the shower and when I comb my hair, none comes out at.all. My hair REALLY loved this stuff!

I also got their body wash:
Yes to Tomatoes facial wash:
And Yes to Carrots eye cream:

They are both very yummy smelling.

If you have ever been to my house (or followed this blog for long) you will have seen my obsession with lavender. Our whole hall bathroom is lavender themed, and full of all sorts of bottles, soaps, and dried lavender products that people have given me. So... naturally I had to get Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Organic Shikakai Lavender Body Soap.

Jerad doesn't like that it "doesn't make a lot of bubbles." BUT, it smells great, is all natural, and works well.

The funny thing is that growing up, all my family used was Dr. Bronner's Pepermint Liquid Soap.

At the time, I had no idea there was anything special about it. It was just normal soap.

The most natural hairspray I was able to find was by Giovanni. Also available at Target!

I purchased the hairspray:

And leave in conditioner:
The hairspray has a lot of control. Just a few sprays and your hair isn't going anywhere. I just spritz one spray if I want a little hold, and more if I have curls. The leave in conditioner is so weightless, I don't even notice it. I put it on and comb it through my damp hair and my hair shines all day.

For cleaning products, I use vinegar for almost everything. Baking soda if I need something more abrasive. Having wood floors and 6 pets I do a LOT of floor washing. I bought a steam mop this summer that is safe for the floors and cleans and sterilizes them using just plain water. It works amazing and I love it.
I decided to try out a few products from Seventh Generation after reading good reviews.

I purchased the soap (available pretty much anywhere):
And Laundry detergent. I was happy that they had one for HE washers:

The laundry detergent, amazing. It took out all the residue from the detergent I used to use, and the clothes feel much softer.

The soap. Honestly, I don't like it at all. A lot of other people rave about it, but for me, I feel like it doesn't cut through oil AT ALL. Any olive oil left on the pans is a major problem. I am going to try out Ecostore brand instead. The downside is, you have to order online.

So, that's that! We have slowly been throwing away old products we have and trying to use up others.

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liz oelker said...

been wondering when you'd update for us all. I am definitely gonna try the shampoo and see if it does as much for my hair as it did yours. Anything to keep me from losing so much hair in the shower would be great! :)