Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ahh the single life

This was my dinner. Brie, cranberry sauce, and water crackers. Oh, and don't forget the beer.

Jerad is working in LA or Whittier or some such place today so I was all on my lonesome. It was actually a really long day. Marshall woke up 15 minutes early, which might not sound bad, but that means we got up at 4:45. Yes, AM. He was hungry and I didn't think it was worth it trying to get him to go back to sleep after nursing since he'd have to be woken up a few minutes later.

I dropped Jerad off at the office since his car battery is dead and he has been refusing to buy a new one, then dropped Marshall off at my mom's house. All before 6:30 am! I got gas, pumped, and made it to work at 7 where I proceeded to work for 10 hours. This week and next week are the busiest weeks of the year at my job and a coworker is on vacation so I'm taking on her workload as well.

On my lunch I went to the bank (pumping on the drive), Goodwill, the Chamber of Commerce, and managed to eat lunch. Did I mention my break is only 30 minutes?

After I got off at 5:30 it was pick up Marshall, feed the dogs and cat that act like they are never fed, feed Marsh again, unpack his diaper bag and my pump bag, then wash diapers, pump parts, pick up, wash laundry, sort through the baby clothes and pack away all the outgrown ones so that there would be room to put away his clean laundry, and vacuum. All while entertaining a 7.5 month old. Who is pretty much crawling now.

Marshall went to bed around 7:30 (late for him) and I was too tired to "make" dinner so I ended up with the little treasure pictured above. Its 8:30 and I'm pretty sure my plan is to pack up everything for tomorrow, clean the front bathroom, and be in bed reading by 8:45. Hopefully out by 9.

I have no idea what the point of this was besides "I'm tiiiiiiiiiired."

Also tomorrow is my last work day then its Jerad's work Christmas party on Friday, Christmas with his family on Saturday, and the third annual gingerbread decorating party with my brother in law's family. So, busy busy but exciting!

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Christina said...

You are a superwoman! Doing all that and pumping too!! Amazing!