Sunday, December 26, 2010


We had such a wonderful Christmas. Marshall decided to sleep in till 7am (unheard of!) then Jerad's family came over and we made waffles, omelets, and mimosas.

Jerad and I decided that we weren't going to get Marshall anything this year since he has no clue what Christmas is and doesn't even open presents for himself yet. I buy him things all the time plus we knew his grandparents would spoil him, so we just got him a handmade wooden giraffe ornament and wrote "Marshall 2010." The presents we got eachother were all in the spirit of documenting baby moments, so I guess technically they were a little for him too.

I bought him a pocket video camera

and he totally surprised me by getting me a really nice camera
I was so excited. SO EXCITED.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of little Marshall being cute on Christmas:

I can't believe that he will be WALKING next Christmas! Aye yai yai.


Rachel said...

We have that same video camera! I love it, it is so nice to be able to stick it in your pocket and go! Fun!

Steph said...

first I ordered the Flip, but they sent the wrong thing so I researched a little more and got this one instead. I love that its waterproof!

Rachel said...

I know, I love that too. I love that I am recording the kids playing in the sprinkler and it gets splashed or something it is not going to kill it!