Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Special Christmas Treat

We decided to delay solids for many reasons including the fact that our pediatrician recommends waiting until 8 or 9 months . When he turned 6 months old (the general recommended time to begin supplementing baby food) I could not imagine feeding him yet! He was such a little baby. Now that he's 8 months I am more than ready to not be solely responsible for sustaining him.

A lot of people have made comments about him still only drinking breastmilk. Heck, he doesn't even get water! Although its been a challenge at times, I think its worked out wonderfully. At 8 months the sickest Marshall has been is a stuffy nose for a few days. Still not a diaper rash, ear or eye infection, stomach bug.... nothing. Now, who knows if that has anything do do with breastfeeding or not, but it obviously didn't hurt.

We debated making our own baby food and then decided that skipping straight to table foods and using the baby led weaning method made the most sense for us. We eat multiple vegetables each night so it would be much easier to just give him what we're eating than messing with spoon feeding. Also because we waited, he can easily pick up food and feed himself.

We decided Christmas would be a memorable time for his first "real meal" and we'd go with avocado since it is easy to digest and full of healthy fats.

I got my camera, Jerad got the video camera and... it was anticlimactic to say the least.

Oh, hello!

lalala I'm a happy little guy

hmmm, what's this squishy thing?

Maybe I should taste it?



No more Mr. Nice Baby.

I'm just going to ignore you and play with this squishyness.

The End

So, that was that. The avocado was not a hit. It was kind of a let down after waiting so long. I tried again today and got the same reaction. In a few days we'll try banana or sweet potato, maybe he'll be a bigger fan?


Paige said...

Um, those pictures (and captions) are AMAZING. He is so freaking cute.

Hank HATED banana and avocados until just recently, but went crazy for sweet potatoes. Maybe the have the same taste?

Hank wanted to eat off of our plate so early (5 mos) that we ended up feeding him breastmilk in a spoon for weeks before I actually started giving him veggies. He was determined!

Steph said...

we tried avocado again and some applesauce I was eating and got the same reaction. He tries to grab whatever we're eating, but then doesn't like it:)

I'll try the sweet potato tomorrow!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Ha! I love your pictures and captions!

Don't worry about the avocado just yet - I didn't like it until I was, oh, 30. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long. :)

Happy New Year, Steph!