Sunday, December 19, 2010

He's moving!

So, Marshall has been scooting and rolling to reach things for awhile now. This weekend he started really going! Its pretty cute. If he is on one side of the room and we are on the other, now he'll chase us down.

He doesn't have the crawling motion quite down yet... its more of an inchworm type movement. I guess it works though! I wanted him to wait until after Christmas so that I didn't have to worry about the tree, and he almost made it. He is also OBSESSED with wrapping paper. I've been giving him the scraps from present wrapping and he thinks he's in heaven.

He has been doing some other cute things that I always forget to mention as well. Around 5 months he started thinking it was hilarious when we'd pat his mouth while he was saying "ahhhhh." Around 6 months he started doing it all by himself. Occasionally he will do the sign for milk while nursing. When he wants to nurse instead of signing, he taps his mouth a few times on the shoulder of whoever is holding him while saying "ba ba ba." Its pretty cute.

He now "claps" when he does something funny, or when he wants us to start clapping. I use quotation marks because he doesn't clap his palms together, he claps one palm onto the back of the other hand. He also starts doing it whenever we say "yeeeeaaaaayyyy." When we kiss his face, he kisses us back with huge sloppy kisses. He will also randomly grab us really hard and kind of bite while laughing hysterically. I think its his version of when we snort and blow raspberries on his neck or stomach. When he does that it usually means he wants to be tickled which is one of his favorite things intheworld.

He loves our cat Mao and will hold really still until Mao gets within reach and then lash out and grab him as hard as he can.

Marshall is a much bigger fan of this game than Mao is.

He is really close to waving good-bye. He doesn't wave yet, but when we say "bye-bye" and wave at him he sticks his hand out. Sometimes when we are playing he will just start making the goofiest faces; scrunching up his nose and breathing funny, sticking his bottom lip over his top lip, pursing his lips together. I think he is going to be quite the little ham.

All in all, he's just cute.

I've never tried uploading a video before, so lets see if this works:

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