Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The best boyfriend ever.

Its really important to me for Jerad and I to have time to ourselves (without the other person), time with friends, and time alone with eachother every week/weekend. Last weekend we had company, party with our friends, and party with his family. All of it was SUPER fun, but no "us" time.

Two weekends from now we are going up to San Fransisco to visit Tina and Tom, and Travis and Steph. The weekend after that is my friend June's wedding, the weekend after that... well, you get the picture. Basically this weekend is the only FREE weekend we would be having for quite some time.

So of course Jerad made plans. A guys trip to an auto yard in Fresno. I was not overly amused. Whatever, they'll have fun and I can have some "me" time.

Whelp, Jerad just called me and said that instead of going to Fresno, he is taking me to Yosemite. For the weekend. Because I have the best boyfriend ever. It is soo hard to get summer Yosemite reservations! They fill up about 9 months in advance. A friend of ours made reservations, then had to cancel at the last moment. Since everyone knows how much we adore Yosemite, they called Jerad and offered him their spots.

I am sooo excited. SO EXCITED. I like Yosemite every bit as much as Hawaii, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. I might even like it more than those places. Also, Yosemite has soo many good memories for us. Camping in the summer will probably be a little warmer han tent camping in the snow which we usually do too :)

Here are a few pics from over the years:

Feb '07

Feb '07

Jerad's 25th b-day, Oct '07

Jerad's 25th b-day, Oct '07

Jan '08

I'm missing a few trips, but you get the gist.


lucinda! said...

thats so sweet of him! you are going to have so much fun! is this the first time you guys have gone without friends?

Steph said...

I think we went once by ourselves after Christmas. And a lot of time we get there a day before other people, or stay a day after. I'm just bummed its too early for wildflowers!

Anonymous said...

I used to try to get the ex to go camping since it's cheap and there's loads of togetherness. He declined. Eh... I'm still tempted to go, but we've passed our ideal camping weather here in Louisiana. It's already too humidy, misquitoey, and hot for that. :(