Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Jerad,

I went to Ross on my lunchbreak today to pick up a new tart/quiche pan. You know, for that tomato tart that we both like so much.

The good news is, I found a pan. And it was only $6. Yeeaaayyy!

The bad other good news is, all these other dishes just JUMPED into my cart! I really can't understand it either. One minute, I was looking at a mug thinking about how nice it would be to sip my cappuccino out of in the morning. Because of COURSE if I had this mug I would like, totally, make cappuccinos for us every day right?

Anyways, so I'm in Ross, happy that I found what I was looking for, admiring this mug, when all of a sudden these two ladies swoop in and start admiring the dishes too. Well babe, I just didn't have a choice but to grabthemall right? I mean, there wasn't time to think about it, because if I waited, I could have missed out! I didn't have time to stop and think that they only had service for 4 and we clearly need 8-12. I didn't have time to process that we already have a full set of service for 12 every day china, 2 service for 12 fine china sets, and a service for 6 Mikasa stoneware square dishes. Because you see, dishes are my weakness. For some girls its shoes, or handbags. For me its dishes. And they were puuuurdy.

I know you'll like them because they are stoneware. Which is much manlier than the china we were using before.

The other good news is, the whole purchase totally fit in our monthly budget!!! If you're having trouble finding it, just look in the "gas" section, and the "food" section ledgers. I used gas to go to the store, and we eat food on dishes right? Thanks for understanding. Besides, the less money we have left for food, the less time we'll be spending grocery shopping right? And our rice and beans will look soooo yummy on these new dishes. Cross my heart.

Your [normally] fiscally responsible gf,

PS, since I went through all the trouble of going to Ross (which is a chooore) to get the pan, its all you at the market tonight buddy. I'll email you the shopping list. xoxo


misguided mommy said...

know what is worse

Oh gosh. They have les creuset and kids stuff and pans and organizing things and clothes and OMG MY HEAD EXPLODES EVERY TIME I GO IN

Steph said...

haha, last time I went to a TJ MAXX I ended up with all sorts of stuff I didn't even know I needed! Like a hot pink leopard print broom, a colander with star cutouts... I don't know how I lived my life before:)

lucinda! said...

not only are dishes your weakness, you have a thing for bed sets too. oh and tj maxx = crazy amazing, i could spend days in there

Steph said...

I'm just preparing for when I have my 7 bedroom, 5 kitchen house:)