Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, yesterday didn't go quite as planned. Of course not. Jerad had a bad day or something yesterday and was just... pissy. Or as I said to my friends "started his period." I think this is funnier than he does:) Seriously tho, he is usually always goofy, happy, talkative. Nope, nada, zilch.

I was planning on staining the fence yesterday and he had reminded me to pickup a new Shur-line pad refill because we were out.

Pad REFILL. So, I did exactly that, and rushed home with plans to stain the fence then go get some compost and dirt to plant the garden. I asked him if he could set up my staining supplies for me. Long story short, he couldn't find either of the handles for the pad and claimed that he told me before. Um, no he didn't. Then I was annoyed because "if the shed and basement weren't such a wreck..." You get the picture.

I didn't want to drive all the way back to OSH to get a handle, and thought I'd run out of daylight anyways. So I made dinner while he worked on the shower and continued to PMS. He had to take out the whole window and re frame it because the last "do it yourself" homeowner put it in completely crooked. And a crooked window looks okay when the wall is drywall, but since it will be in the shower now, you'd really notice against all of the grout lines.

We had dinner (homemade potato soup, broccoli salad made with organic low fat yogurt, and whole wheat sourdough toast), and watched the end of Sunday's Extreme Home Makeover. Might have been the saddest episode EVER.

About 8:15 Jerad let me know that he was ready to go to Home Depot and get the remaining sheets of Hardiebacker, and the edge pieces for the tile. So I went and got a few pepper plants and soil. We were there until closing, annnd they didn't carry the right tile pieces. They have our tile, but none of the trim that goes with it, and not even any contrasting colors that will match.

Finally we check out, 5 minutes after closing, and head to the car. My car. My car that is 1" too narrow to fit the hardiebacker sheets through the trunk. Eff. Jerad's brother ended up saving the day and meeting us at Home Depot at 9:30 at night then delivering our stuff to our house, but jeeze. Luckily during all of that the grumpy fog lifted and Jerad returned to his normal self. Probably because he is excited about our salsa garden, that's what I'm thinking.

So now its Thursday and everything I wanted to happen yesterday hasn't even been started which just makes me twitch. We were also planning on starting the quilt top tonight, but the jelly rolls still haven't gotten here. BLECK. I just want things to run smoothly. If I plan it, it needs to happen.

I think we are both just tired and worn out. Last night I fell asleep when he was in the shower and slept through him letting the dogs out and back in (and the three of them sound like a stampede) and coming to bed. Then I woke up in a panic at 4:30AM thinking I had overslept and needed to be at work already. Oops! Jerad had to reassure me of the time 3 times before I'd believe him. What a way to start the day. At least today is my Friday and we have a fun weekend planned!


misguided mommy said...

omg i tell rob he is on his period alllll the time. once i asked him if he needed a tampon...that did not go over well

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sorry you had such a BLECH-y day. I would have irrationally lost my temper and said some things I would regret later if I bought something too big for the car 5 minutes after the store closed.

Salsa garden? Is this where you plant things to make salsa? Or is it a garden in which you two will be doing the salsa?


Steph said...

NGIP- Well, the salsa garden is where we planted things for salsa (tomatoes, tomatillos, all sorts of peppers, and cilantro). I might try salsa-ing in front of it to make the plants feel more at home, thus produce more fruit :) If it doesn't work, at least the neighbors can have a good laugh.