Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoarding Issues.

My name is Stephanie, and I have a dishware and glassware obsession. You think I'm kidding? Heh.

Remember my little confession about buying new dishes? Well, it turns out that Jerad was totally on board and suggested that I go back and see if they had the same settings in different colors... sort of a mix 'n match!!!


That's a lot of dishes right? Ohhh there's more. In the basement is the China from my grandma:

Service for 12 (6 piece place settings) including all of the serving pieces.

Then there is my pride and joy. My Calvin Klein wedding china, also for 12:

You remember that Friends episode (The One With Rachel's Other Sister) where Monica is freaking out about ppl breaking her china? That is sooo me. When I got married, instead of registering for and hoping to get all of the place settings, I begged for them for Christmas's, birthdays... whatever until I got every one. And serving pieces!

Ahh, my loves.

So, 4 sets of dishes for 12 people each... and one for 6. I think it is definitely past "love" and into obsession.

Then there's my glasses.

The good news is, if you come over, there will ALWAYS be something for you to eat off of!

1 comment:

misguided mommy said...

omg that is sooo many dishes.

i am lusting after a set of mismatched fiesta ware. i would die happy with a full set of that.