Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Diego trip of fun

We loaded up bright and early and hit the road.

For the drive down we listened mostly to The Zack Brown Band who we saw for my 24th b-day, and Randy Travis who we saw for Jerad's 26th b-day.

There was some loud singing and foolishness involved.

We stopped at an Island Burgers and had grilled veggie tacos:

Then it was time for the Flower Fields!

Since it was Bluegrass day, we chillaxed and listened to a few bands:

Then got some fresh squeezed lemonade and kettlecorn and walked around. There were so many gardens of flowers, sweet pea mazes (the smell was soooo delish!), and a ton of things to look at. But I came for the 50 acres of ranunculus:

We walked around for a few hours looking at all the flowers, craft booths (there was also a craft fair going on) and just taking pictures. Fun times.

Then back in the car for MORE driving. We got to San Diego an hour or so later thanks to traffic and checked into our hotel. I really wanted to go to Mexico since we were only 4 miles away, but Jerad reminded me he still didn't have a passport. Since we have been dating, him not having a passport has stopped him from going with me to Panama, stopped us from going to Canada, and now Mexico. yet, still no passport. Get your damn passport!

We immediately started making a million plans. Lets take the ferry to Coronado Island! Lets eat at such and such place! Lets get in the pool! Lets find a club!

Then we remembered we had been in the car for over 7 hours, were tired, and are inherently kind of lazy.

So instead we stayed in the room all night. We ordered a pizza AND chicken wings, and ate it all. Hey, we were on vacation right? About 11 o'clock Sex In The City the movie came on which Jerad had never seen. So obviously that had to happen too...

After a lazy night, we woke up and drove to San Diego Harbor for our brunch cruise!

The weather was PERFECT.

The carpet had stars:

The food was amazing.

The Mimosas were endless.

And it lasted over 2 hours.

I wish I took more pics of the inside of the ship cause, gorgeous. After that we headed back up north and towards home. We stopped at a Whole Foods and had some sandwiches made planning to eat at the Lake Balboa park in Van Nuys and look at the cherry trees which are all blooming.

It was kind of disappointing.

There was some HUGE Persian concert going on, roads were blocked off, most of the park was closed, LAPD was there...you couldn't go on the lake, there were people EVERYWHERE. Bleck. It was still beautiful tho.

We found an empty table and tried to eat our sandwiches in peace. Hmph. A flock of Persian kids decended on us, sat at our table, drew on it with chalk, fought... their ¿dad? came over and instead of asking them to leave, gave them more chalk.

We gave up and left.

All in all the trip was SUPER fun and I can't wait to go back to Bluegrass day next year! I hope tp make it an annual event:)


liz oelker said...

all those flower feilds are fricken amazing!! and love the star carpet. that's ridiculous how perfect that is for you :) by the way i'm on twitter too. i mostly jsut complain about school though :)

Beth McDermott said...

slurp its 7:30am and i want to eat those tacos for breakfast.
its so nice to see you had a great time, i was thinking about you ALL WEEKEND on and off, i almost texted you but i didnt want to interrupt and i knew thered be a blog to follow. you and jerad are great together.

lucinda! said...

looks like you had an amazing time! except for those ratty kids. you should have pretended to vomit and that would have shooed them off. oh, or tell them somebody was giving away ice cream AND candy way over on the other side of the park :0)anything to spend some quiet time with the boy on your romantical get away.