Thursday, April 9, 2009

How the crap is it Easter already?

That's all I have to say about that.

Also, I'm going into cooking withdraws. We were gone last weekend so I didn't get my fix. This weekend I wanted to make hummus (we luuuuv home made hummus), homemade pita, wheat-thin like crackers, a marinated mixed bean salad, and a bunch of whole wheat pizza dough that we could freeze. We also have cauliflower, maybe soup?

Friday after Jerad gets off work, we're going to dye eggs. We have spinach, beets, cabbage, turmeric, and red onions so we should be able to get a pretty big color variety? Here are a few naturally dyed eggs:

Found on this blog.

Or these beauties:

found here.

Looks a bit better than those store bought dyes eh? There is a list of household natural items you can dye with here.

I have a feeling our eggs will look more like the first picture. Then again, Jerad is pretty crafty so who knows?

One of my coworkers has chickens and brought me a bunch of white and brown eggs today soo... can't wait!

I also ordered fabric (finally) for the quilt Jerad is making for us (with his mom's help) next weekend. Ha, my sentence structure gets better and better! Anyways:

This is what the quilt will look like, only in black and white instead of reds:

(Quilt made by Janet Wickell)

I'm kiiiinda excited about that one:) Also I'm super stoked that Lucy told us to get a jelly roll of fabric so we didn't have to cut out all the strips, yikes!

This weekend is bake-fest '09 and Easter.

Next weekend is quilt-fest '09 and bbq with friends at our house. Lovin it!


Anonymous said...

I like those first eggs. Sometimes the plain rustic things are the prettiest. Can't wait to see how it comes out! :)

Beth McDermott said...

carly cant wait for bbq... and neither can i. xo